Often times I find myself filled with the heaviest, most heartfelt emotions

for all of my Black women struggling

so much harder than a human should ever have to

For every Black woman that’s had to physically, mentally, financially, emotionally,

and any other way,

beat the literal and figurative walls standing in your way,

I’m feeling your pain, sistah!

For every mama out there that had to fight someone

to save her own or her children’s life or livelihood

For every one of my sistahs feeling alone




Or useless

For every sistah that has felt the whole entire world on her shoulders

at her doorstep

Hanging over her head when she woke up

For my sistahs!

Those who have struggled and won

Those who have struggled and lost

Baby girl

Sweet lady

Big mama,

I’m here

I’m praying for you every time I see you walk by on the street,

watch you on the train

or remember you in my dreams

I pray for us!

For my own mama

My own sister and cousins and aunts

My beautiful Black woman

I am keeping

Faith for us all!

So stay strong

Please stay strong!

And if you see this message



just know that I wrote it for YOU!

Remember that

I cry for you

I cheer for you and

forever and always,

I love you!

My Black queens

I’m here!

And everything I do,

I do for all of us!