Brown Woman No Cry

Broken head cases

Broken safe places

Broken backs and broken faces

Broken lies and broken cries

Broken times and broken climbs

Broken, broken, broken

Broken me

Broken you

My Brown woman

Riddled, even, with broken black and blues

Stolen dreams

Stolen screams

Stolen means and stolen Queens

Stolen love and stolen hugs

Stolen today’s and stolen tomorrow’s

Stolen babies and stolen mama’s


From me

From you

My brown woman

Absent, of her own stolen soul, too

Denied honesty

Denied sincerity

Denied prophecy and clemency

Denied commitment and dedication

Denied apologies and solidification

Denied love, honor, and respect

Denied the principles of humanity and reason in which a soul connects


Both you and I

Denied at conception

My Brown woman

Denied her right to progression

My Brown woman

Eyes so Big

Smile so Wide

So much more beautiful than the world you’ve been denied

Tremendously stronger than the ropes in which your existence is tied

So much more authentic than the ideals of the institutionalized

Sincerely more deserving and ready for the love you’ve vehemently been deprived

Yet, so debilitated by the self- hatred and unworthiness that your relentless oppression has applied

Filled with a heart numb and void of feeling from too many nights cried

Haunted by all of the dreams, goals and beliefs that have long since died

And spent of all energy to continue on hinging on a spirit far too tried

My Brown woman,

No cry

Your troubles, your burdens,

will soon be cast aside

Brown woman,

No cry

Your struggle, your pain

Will no longer be amplified

My Brown woman,

Your day has come

Your divinity will finally be glorified

My Brown woman

With a Heart of Gold

And a perseverance of steel

My Brown woman

With the will of titanium

And a heart of platinum

My Brown woman

Stand strong

And no cry

My Brown woman,

Your day has come