Turmoil of the internal segmented instrument

Unrest of the intoxicated cerebellum

Distress in the debilitated mental state

Devastation diseased rampantly throughout the cancerous blood stream

Dismay dusted throughout the disarray of the human spirit

Unworthiness encamped into the cracks of the tortured soul

Broken dignity and pride soluble in the tears of the silenced

Terminated love wrapped in distorted goodbyes

Loose, decayed fragments of a once tight, fresh love phenomenon

Suffocated voices of care and desire choked by distrust and lies

Subconscious intentional reliance on pain and despair

Tumultuous emotional fluctuation respondent to the decimated meters of expectations

Incapacitating hope and faith gouged out by the ferocious hunger of regret

Emotional Rollercoaster

Speeding past the beauty of joy and happiness

All cars filled by the oh so bad

No room for the oh so good,

Too packed from hate, negativity, and ill intent

Emotional Rollercoaster

Can’t get off unless you jump off

You’ll fall flat on your face

Or if you’re lucky on your behind

It’ll probably hurt

A little

Or maybe a whole lot

But you can’t get off unless you jump off



Jump off!

I did!