I am less inclined, as the days pass, to figure it all out anymore. I am more inclined to help/ make/ encourage people to understand the sense in doing what we can do, while we can do it! In living, breathing, and truly and fully existing right now! In this very moment.

A common critique of religion, Christianity in particular, is that it is a hollow attempt at a quest for human understanding of the inexplicable ways of the physical, metaphysical, and supernatural. Such a quest is argued to be solidified through the human belief in a “life sucks until you die, unless you make it to heaven, so just don’t piss God off, and you’ll make the cut” version of God and His principles.

There appears to be a prevalent thought that all or most religious people are walking around dedicating every step of their life on earth to an unknown future, some unforeseen day in the distance, in which they will hopefully live happily ever after with God in His beautiful dwelling place. And so that story goes, “they all lived happily ever after!” I honestly have my own issues with that incorrect, distorted, worldly representation of God’s promises for those on earth, but, I very reluctantly, won’t digress right now, as that isn’t where I’m going with this.

My point here is that, that made up crap about religious afterlife promises  is actually being manifested in the lifestyles of everyday people currently living in this capitalist entrapment of modern day life. The persistent, pervasive and unforgiving drain machine built to harvest the goals of the money minded, “stability” seeking, “I want to wait until the right time” population of folk, is draining all of the time, passion and drive from billions of people every single day.

Folks have essentially put off living in the right now as a means to securing a tomorrow that isn’t guaranteed, often inherently embracing immediate unhappiness and multi-tiered unhealthiness for long term, unpromised gain in a much later version of “this lifetime”.

Far too many people, I would argue, are dedicating their lives, every waking moment, to living for a future that they are not promised and often can’t even see or believe in.

People are working hard, like really freaking hard, to save money for future vacations, birthdays, “holidays”, and sacred unattainable moments of joy in a distant unforeseen future. More sadly, arguably, people are missing and putting off vacations, birthdays, “holidays” and sacred moments of joy for that same clandestine, elusive, almost inaccessible future, we’re all told lives somewhere in tomorrow’s shadows.

Mothers, fathers, uncles, grandmas, cousins, close friends and even some of you are stuck watching the news, reading books, going to school, and looking for or going to work, all in preparation for a future they have never heard of and don’t know to exactly exist. This paradoxical life is something else I tell you!

Oh and apparently, from what I’ve learned on the Prudential “Do What You Love” commercial, this life on earth that people are waiting, saving, thinking, and hoping for, is plausible after all! If they just wait until…. RETIREMENT!! Oh, yea, that’s something else which, just as a heads up, is also more and more unattainable every day.

Instead of waiting on the imaginary pie in the sky God, crippling His loyal, yet misguided following with His lack of existence, 2014 folks are waiting on Retirement to do what they love! Quite interesting!