It is the Black skin that I inhabit

That in turn inhabits me.

You see it was this social construction

That constructed my being,

Limiting my resources

And creating my demise.

It is you that I despise,

Loathe with a vengeance,

And it will be by my hand

That this cycle is ended.

The destruction of the Black community

By the hands of American politics

Is one so widely misunderstood

That it could easily be defined as good,

Maybe even enriching for the Black people.

It has been the temporary fulfillment

In this permanent instability

That gives the illusion of the

So called advancement of the Black people.

The politicians,

The textbook authors,

The brainwashed Black people themselves,

Pushing the agenda of the

Pseudo Black Progress Movement.

And yet,

Black people still lay in the gutter of

The American ghettos,

Still fighting to get that

Monkey off their back.

You know the monkey that the government

Put in the ghetto.

Black babies are still born into poverty,

Waiting on welfare lines

Before they can even walk.

Basketball, football, baseball, rap or drugs

Appears to be the only way out for Black youth.

It is has been the success of

The capitalist elite

For the advancement of

Their true agenda,

In manipulating Black people.

They say it,

We believe it.

They managed to not only separate

Blacks” and “Latinos”

But also the light skinned

From the dark skinned

And the big noses

From the thin lips.

The “coarse” hair

From the straight,

And the thick girls

From the slender bunch.

The success of the distortion

Of the Black image

Is the number one enforcer

Of Black oppression.

It would only be

The hands of the Pan- African,

The motherland’s true descendants,

Who will uplift the poor Black  masses of America.

It could only be us that unwraps

This Black and Blue skin

And let our true beauty shine.

This is Our divine sign,

Our right to claim time!