Today is the day!! It marks my six month blogversary, since the fateful day I posted my first blog post!! I am so happy and proud of this moment because it distinctly reminds me of just how far I have come.

Lord only knows the life I was living six months ago. I mean, I was living in a spiritual prison, forced to revamp ways to connecting to spirit, while living in the deadly center of Satan’s dwelling. Having been in a completely unhealthy relationship, isolated from love, support, encouragement and joy, it was literally the most emotionally taxing experience of my life, and that says a lot! I have come from searching for a rainbow at the end of the road of a broken relationship, misguided love and some of the most perverted psychological abuse I’ve ever imagined to a place of forgiveness, unconditional love, peace, understanding and sincere compassion.

The actual day I created my blog, I was surrounded by dark forces, while consciously seeking center in the brightest of forces, in the arms of my Spirit. I had the light to see the vision but no passion, just yet, to see it through. So I followed the voice in me to the end of the road, and when it quieted, I had a blog, my own domain, purpose, and the concrete decision that I was leaving New York to move to Los Angeles.

This blog, my writing, Spirit, and the universe have brought me from the basements of Brooklyn and the projects of Manhattan’s Lower East Side to the beaches and sunny days of Los Angeles. This blog has been paramount in building the bridge between my vision and my actions. I have literally found a way for me to be myself, at all times, and all expenses with little cost and all reward! Coming to the understanding that I am a writer and thus, I am so many more things than one, enabled me to embrace the million pieces of myself that didn’t seem to fit together.

For anyone that has been to the movies lately to see the Divergence (which you should totally see if you haven’t already), I am a Divergent, a grand, non-conceptual, remarkable and splendid concoction of all things wonderful and beautiful! Thus, I don’t have to look for fifty careers, lifestyles, or friends that can attribute to all parts of myself. By learning, loving and growing with all parts of myself simultaneously, I can now see that those people and things that do the same, will attract to me and my love of self. My writing career is the first example of that. Moreover, this blog, and my burgeoning business at, are the most sincere demonstrations of all of the pieces of me coming together in sync.

So hats off to Spirit, positive energy, my Father in Heaven, my hard work, faith and perseverance and each and every single person out there showing support of me and my journey in any and all ways!! Thank you everyone!!!!  Even if we haven’t met or even spoken yet, I sincerely love you with all my heart!!!! Blessings, beauty and peace to us all!!

It’s only up from here!! All thanks be to God!!!!