Nights on court street always smell the same.

Like broken hearted summer nights with him

Wistfully stolen by the receding of the present into the past

Like perfectly crafted often dreamt but almost never unattainable memories built and destroyed by HIM and I

Nights on Court Street stink of broken yesterdays and unstable tomorrow’s

Court Street nights feel like the beauty and inspiration of what could be

All I could want and receive simultaneously

Nights on Court Street

filled with the stillness of a paused existence,

Always smell like frozen hope

Court Street nights

Beginning in the past and crawling into the future

Remind me of how far apart and close together yesterday’s and tomorrow’s can truly be

Nights on Court Street carefully capture the ache in my being’s desire to love

Let love and be loved

Court Street nights heal and hurt all at the same time

They offer solace and peace

Hidden behind mountains of distress and turmoil

They lie to me

Whispering in my ear

All the beautiful things I’ve waited to hear

They renew me

Reminding me of some of the most gracious moments I’ve lived

Nights on Court Street

So it seems

Will forever remain

Cout Street nights