I pray that this message reaches everyone in the best of health and spirits. With much excitement, I am so pleased to announce that I am launching my new business and website today, Creative Consulting @EverythingShaquana.com. I would love to invite you to share in the experience of EverythingShaquana by visiting the site, taking a look around, and leaving a comment, sharing a post, and/ or giving me some feedback.

As Creative Consulting is a new business, I am seeking new clientele to extend my unique adaptive services to. So, please feel free and highly encouraged to spread the word, scream and even shout about the amazing services available at Creative Consulting @EverythingShaquana.com!!! See the information below on how you can get involved in spreading the message about EverythingShaquana.com and it’s Creative Consulting services. Thank you sooo much for sharing in this absolutely amazing next step in my journey and I can’t wait to hear from you all!

Brief Business Description: Creative Consulting provides a diverse range of services such as written documents, verbal and social engagement development, education planning, customer service operations, and marketing/ outreach/ social networking coordination.

Help EverythingShaquana.com Grow:

Provide Feedback: Provide me with feedback about my website, blog content, consulting services, and burgeoning business. This is my pilot stage and I am looking forward to gaining as much feedback and input from my community of family, friends, and professional networks before my official launch date. So please take a look around, ask me some questions, and share with me your honest opinions because they’re highly needed and would be so graciously appreciated!

Offer Referrals: Keep Creative Consulting and it’s unique service abilities in mind for individuals, businesses, organizations that may need assistance or just some insight and a free consultation on an upcoming project or assignment. Refer potential clients in need of creative consulting services to me personally via phone, email, social media or my website.

Promote: Help in promotion of Creative Consulting Services and EverythingShaquana’s blog community,  Trancension’s VoiceBox, to friends, family, coworkers, and professional networks through word of mouth, social media sharing, and direct referrals.

Follow & Share: EverythingShaquana.com onFacebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest

Sign Up for Consultation Services:You too can also contact me for free consultation on tasks that you would have previously done alone or unwillingly allowed to remain undone. Outsource all of your important yet, unmanageable tasks to me to make your life easier!Thank you again! I love you and appreciate your for your help, support, encouragement and vision in the past, now and God willing, in the future.

Thank you again! I love you all and appreciate your help, support and encouragement. Stay blessed and beautiful!

Blessings & Peace Be to You,

Shaquana Gardner