Amazing piece, adding great depth and thought provoking questions and answers to the conversation about how to approach Florida’s onslaught of Black youth. All in all, the piece adds much greater significance to question of what to do and how to do it, as a means to saving the future for our youth.


I have three great loves in life; black men, pizza, and football. Lucky for me they all complement each other nicely.

Often, when faced with life’s unsolvable questions, I find respite and refuge in one of my three loves. Kevin Hart has made me laugh to the point of tears, when tears and not laughter was what I needed most. And I have willfully and frequently found comfort in the doughy clutches of a greasy pie—the pepperoni stares back but doesn’t judge. So it seemed oddly appropriate that after the jury in the Michael Dunn trial was unable to reach a verdict on the count of first degree murder in the shooting of Jordan Davis, I turned to yet another emotional mainstay, football.

Trayvon and Tracy Martin Trayvon and Tracy Martin

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