I have so much to give,

so much of myself to disperse

and I find so many hearts to enclose

But too often the possibilities of our potential

divinities in charismatic desire

which could someday conspire

to become something larger than the element of our beauty alone

that we would have no choice but to simply let go and drone

out the persistent doubts and accept the known

that you and I could be more than what we are

that we could go far

defy the conspiracies of reality

define new ways of what it means to Be

inspire new dimensions of perplexity

cultivate new ways to construct me sexually

you could be my homie

I could be your voice of reason if you just show me

how to break down your walls.

The ever clear remnants of a love that almost was

but never could be because the time

was wrong, the person right,

the ship had already sailed,

leaving only one in the night…

So when the time comes

as it always does,

slipping around corners

as if it never was

here before

knocking at your door

to remind of your neglected pleasures

your buried treasures

Offering an asylum for a soul too often pressured

refuge for sincere intentions

yet so often measured

in teaspoons of convention

by far too many

people too selfish to see

A work of art

that they mistake your irreplaceable beauty

for useless tarp.

When the time comes to say yes

to change

to let go of the deranged

the foolish and untamed

the little girls, the insane,

When the time comes

will you let down your shield

and set aside your sword

And finally move toward

the good and not the bad

the real and not the fad

The one you should have been had?

When the time comes,

will you see what I see?

Now don’t let my poetic verses confuse you

slip all up in your spine, they lose you

blow on your neck, kiss on your ear, they may soothe you

but don’t get it twisted, don’t let me fool you.

I have no mission to be your woman nor your wife

Neither bring stress, nor complication or strife

Please note that I know you’ve

Heard it all before

As have we all,

So please don’t let my words be an issue of dispute

but rather see them as a tool of pursuit

in acknowledging what already is.

I seek to enlighten you

not frighten you

brighten you

put life in you where its never been,

fight for you so you always win

ride with you till the very end

I wanna be your friend

but make you feel something like kin

and every now and then,

throw some lovin in.

So I ask that you please make it easy for me,

a woman that was seeking simplicity but found complexity,

looking for nothing but fell on something,

expecting the worse but given the best,

please just make it worth the test.