(Poem inspired by title of art collection on display @ the Hartford Public Library, May 2012)


I am most beautiful when I smile, just for the sake of smiling

When I scrunch up my face up in confusion, annoyance or frustration

When my eyes glitter in the light, filled with glee and joy


I am most beautiful when the Love of God glows from the compassion overflowing my heart

When my heart is filled with the grace of God and the love of His blessings

When my perseverance to live by faith out shines my natural inclination to live by sight


I am most beautiful when the moon is full, the stars are bright and the night still

When everyone is laughing, the music is bumping and the bodies are flowing

When vibes are groovy, the drinks are fruity and life is a movie


I am most beautiful when I can feel the breeze blowing through my hair

When the sun is painting my skin golden brown with hints of bronze and honey

When the waves of the sea rock my soul into completion and understanding


I am most beautiful when I have the propensity to speak, dream, and live, big and loud

When I fight and win human wars with pens, paper, and ideas

When I affirm that I can still lose emotional battles with love, desire, and expectation


I am most beautiful when I maintain the huge spiritual muscles masked in my soul

When I trust that God gave me the armor to protect the body He designed

When I the hone strength He gave me, to wage war on any attempted trespassers


I am most beautiful when I declare that I am the most beautiful person that I know

When I live and breathe like it’s okay to feel that way

When I use the most powerful weapon I have, inside my heart, unattainable and intangible for anyone else


I am most beautiful when I am aware of the real truth behind the saying ‘my body is my temple’

When I accept that how I truly see my body will reflect how I represent my body

When I acknowledge that I truthfully am stronger than I’ll ever fully understand


I am most beautiful when my vocal cords rise in advocacy of my liberty to live as Spirit ordained

When I protest that my soul and heart are in dire need of nutrients

When I demand such nutrients are only in the form of love, appreciation, and encouragement


I am most beautiful when my locs tic toc, to the acoustics of my Afri-kins’ rhythmic beat

When I harmonize what I put in my body, physically, emotionally, and spiritually

When I synchronize the love of me with the love of you


I am most beautiful when I am ME!