When does the past get behind you? And how do you know?

Have you ever tasted the sweet glory of tomorrow?

Does anyone know what it feels like to hold the fragile existence of anticipation on the tips of your fingers?

Can you all smell the earthy scent of the opportunity of life?

Who else wants the simple significance of soulful solidarity?

Have you kissed the nape of the neck of a new start?

Where do the burdens of last night travel to?

How many mornings have whispered new life into your ear?

Won’t postcards and promises be too little to fund the cost of the future?

Do you know the correlation between lies, denial and cowardice?

What does the voice within feel like?

Where are the rest of the roses that grew from concrete?

Can love live forever, camped in the hidden hills of enlightenment?

Shouldn’t smiles, hugs and kisses overpower violence, death and disease?

Why trying to be anything more than what you’re ordained to be, will never work?

How truth and honesty got together? And where they ran away to?

Do you know?

Has yesterday forgiven you?

Will infinity and beyond embrace you?