After a while you learn

The beautiful simplicity of

Letting go and letting God

And you learn that true love

Doesn’t hurt and

Real trust can’t burn


You begin to learn that even the darkest nights

Have a star bright enough to guide you home

And how to enable oneself to live by faith and not by sight

And you begin to understand

That pain isn’t permanent

And that you must love yourself fully

Before anyone can love you partially


And you learn that there truly is no new

Emotion or experience under the sun

And that humans aren’t all that unlike

You grow to embrace that humanness

And individuality are the truest form of being

And love is more about what we have in common

And less about what makes us different


After a while, you learn that

How you fall when you get knocked down

Doesn’t have to determine how you get back up

You learn that one beautifully immaculate kiss

Can mend one hundred broken hearts

That when you give a mouse a cookie

They will ask for milk

That there is an ocean of difference

Between being truthful and being honest

And that the emperor truly has, no clothes on


And you learn that you really are beautiful,

Most profoundly, underneath it all

That you are and always have been

Worthy of everything you deserve

That you can, in fact, fly without wings

And that you can compose the music of life to a visionary beat


And you learn that true spiritual love

cannot be shown to someone, only demonstrated

You learn that the footsteps on your path

To divinity were preprinted, at your conception

And with the oneness of Spirit

You will see the significance of living

In honor of the truth that you too,

Are the light of the world