So, as the world may have it, I have been hacking away at my computer for the past three weeks, in attempt to launch the beta stage of my consulting company and website, whilst posting thing after thing, completely oblivious to the fact that it is…. National Poetry Writing Month! Alas!

I always miss this darn month, like every freaking year. Legitimately! So, I was so excited for this year to come up, especially to use my blog and writing career to highlight the beauty of writing, reading and living everything poetry. But, it seems, my excitement usually only lasts one day past the end of NaPoWriMo, just long enough for me to berate myself for forgetting to participate again and instill the goal to participate the following year. Until the next day, when my mind erases all traces of previous said goal.

So here we are, on April 22nd, 8 days until the end of the most linguistic month of the year, and I am just beginning my ode to National Poetry Writing Month. Join me friends, in ending the month with boom boom pow! Haha! In order to make up for the poetry I missed out on, I am challenging myself to write and post 3 poems a day until the end of the month. With today included as day nine, I should have 27 poems, first drafts and freestyles, written and posted by May 1, 2014.

Will you join me? The challenge is simple: write one poem a day, or more, inspired by whatever comes to your heart or prompts posted by me.

Any brave souls that would like their poem posted on my blog, in celebration of National Poetry Writing Month, can send their poem into me, using the comment form on the join the conversation page. For every day that poems are sent to me, one of the 3 poems I post for the day will be a guest poem. I look forward to sharing with you all in the celebration of the music of poetry.

This is going to be soooo much FUN!!!