Keeping in step with the poetry beat, this next poem is inspired by NaPoWriMonth and the only love I’ve ever truly known, Black Love. I hope you enjoy!

And don’t forget, you’re invited to this week of titanium wrapped, diamond soaked, and gold dipped, poetry packed, writing!  

So join me! The challenge is simple: write one poem a day, or more, inspired by whatever comes to your heart or prompts posted by me.

Any brave souls that would like their poem posted on my blog, in celebration of National Poetry Writing Month, can send their poem into me, using the comment form on the join the conversation page. For every day that poems are sent to me, one of the 3 poems I post for the day will be a guest poem. I look forward to sharing with you all in the celebration of the music of poetry.

Black Love Won’t Fit In No Box

Black love won’t fit in no box

Or a circle, triangle, or square

Black love is too incongruent

Quite unsymmetrical, my dear


Black love won’t fit in no box

It doesn’t measure in teaspoons of generic

It’s weight too solid

Invisible to the untrained eye, a diminished relic


Black love won’t fit in no box

Transfixed in its infinite totality

With its enormous boundaries

Unsung in its enduring actuality


Black love won’t fit in no box

Effortlessly entangled in the legacy of struggle

Warped by boundless obstacles

It can’t be contained, rearranged, or smuggled


Black love won’t fit in no box

Beauty blackened by mutilated world pics

Edges sawed off by the hate of times lies

Still and so, painfully, aesthetically holistic


Oh no,

I tell you

Black love won’t fit in no box