One of my recent worrisome thoughts, since starting this NaPoWriMo challenge, has been, how in the world am I going write three new poems a day?! I mean, I love, absolutely love, writing poetry with all of my heart.

Yet, in case you haven’t noticed, I have this tendency to write overtly long poems. So, here you have me, excited to write 3 new poems a day, yet, burdened by the overindulgent pen hand.

Until today! It dawned on me, as I contemplated how I would manage doing promo and business pitches for my new consulting business, edit my blog web content, run errands and find time to write four new poems, that I don’t have to write such long poems!

I mean, I can write shorter poems! Lol! That was my daily Ah Ha moment! In addition, to my long poetic mantras, I can also write short, concise, simple, poems.

Haha! Seems simple and obvious, but boy! It was such a far away thought before today! So, five minutes before midnight (on the west side), here is my last poem for the day/ night, a short, very short, goodnight poem.

A Goodnight Poem


To the long lost loves of my past

Music faintly mellow

Song quietly ending

Stars brightly glowing

Moon, full and wide


Old friends

May the warmth

Of the night hug

The whisper

Of the night owl


To the long lost loves of my past


And Hello