Today’s prompt, inspired by the NaPoWriMo website, is challenging yet, simple. The inspiration is the word/ theme of masonry. Masonry is defined on as: “1. the craft or occupation of a mason 2. work constructed by a mason; especially, stonework: the crumbling masonry of ancient walls.” 

Day 24 Prompt:

“Peter Roberts has been participating in NaPoWriMo for several years now at his blog, Masonry Design. He has the charming and odd distinction of having only written poems about masonry. Today, I challenge you to do the same (for one day, at least), and to write a poem that features walls, bricks, stones, arches, or the like. If that sounds a bit hard, remember that one of Robert Frost’s most famous poems was about a wall. Happy writing!”


Brown Walls

Brick lives

And stoned hearts

Building Broken Bones

Thrown and strewn

On and on

Concrete minds

Metal souls

Fenced Spirits

Yellow brick roads

Replaced by

Death roll tolls

Structurally broken homes

Constructed by

Adobe intellectuals

And sand banked consciousness