This piece is inspired from a poem written by a magically beautiful spirit, now departed from the physical world, Gemmia L. Vanzant, the late daughter of  Spiritualist, Iyanla Vanzant.

Featured in the same titled book, “One Day My Soul Just Opened Up“, the poem immolates the metamorphosis of shedding one’s physical branding and embracing one’s spiritual existence. The title alone, speaks volumes about what drove my inspiration to write my own version of the poem.

It’s definitely enriching to read the original piece, as a means of understanding the true depth and power of the words and emotions being displayed throughout the poem. And literally, Gemmia’s dominant voice and centralized internal energetic power gives you chills as you first read the poem, so make sure to check it out.

In addition, as an individual riding the high rolling waves of my own spiritual journey, I invite you to began, continue, or finish discovering your own divinity. There are millions of ways to begin a spiritual/ emotional/ inner search journey and most often, I’ve found, you’ve usually already started by the time you’ve thought you’ve just begun.

A saving grace in the most challenging and questionable stages of my transcension, was my Lord and Father upstairs and His blessing to the world in the form of Iyanla Vanzant! So, if you’re stuck spiritually, looking for information on living within, or just intrigued by the idea of Spirit and such, buy or borrow any one of Iyanla’s books, and simply dive right in.

My suggestion for where to start if you’re looking to get down, dirty and all in the muck of your spirit, is with this book and this poem. You can check out more information about Iyanla’s books by clicking the link, Iyanla Vanzant’s Spiritual Blueprints, at the right of the screen.

Have you ever experienced a spiritual transcension? Are you travelling through one right now? What was it like for you? And did you write about it, to describe the magic of your Spirit’s second by second transition and progression?

 One Day My Soul Just Opened Up

One day my soul just opened up

and the love of God

Shot directly through my veins

Intoxicating my spirit

Overdosing my mind

And I was induced with

The stillest Calm

Calm like the waves hitting the ocean shore

Calm like an infants most peaceful sleep

Calm like the assurance of love for a unloved heart

One day my soul just opened up

I felt so wonderful

This tremendous glow

A glow so golden honey

Roasted in pureness and grace

I mean, I was glowing so bright

The Sun was outshined

Seeking shade for comfort

One day my soul just opened up

I started crying

And crying and crying

Like regurgitate, can’t hold it in so I got to let it out

Involuntary crying

For what seemed like infinity and beyond

I cried tears for the stolen, broken, and beaten

I cried tears for the never haves, never wills, and never cans

I cried until I cried no more

I cried until I’d purged my tears

Cried until I knew

I would stop the crying

One day, my soul just opened up

The laughter came roaring in like a storm of thunder

Starting in my eyes and dancing through my soul

Kick boxing to my heart and serenading my being

Until it took over my senses, kidnapping my mind

And came bursting out of me, in explosion

Of laughter and laughter

And more laughter

Intense, gut jerking, knee slapping

I can’t breathe because it’s so funny


For my love and all the ones who won’t smile today

One day my soul just opened up

There was the light of the world

Shining on my face, blinding my blindness

Into sight

And the wisdom strolled into my thoughts

The revelizations, contemplations and explanations

Strangeness of feeling loved, disappeared

Grounded in oneness and truth

And bottomless anger, pain, hate, spite, and envy

Dissipated and decimated

With the rising tide of spiritual freedom

One day, my soul just opened up

and out poured all the lies

I’d been hiding from

All the lives I’ve been lingering on

And all the sorry’s I’ve been leaning on

Out poured feelings of

disappointment, denial and abandonment

nightmares of abuse I’d witnessed, experienced or executed

Of goodbyes I never had

And good times always turned bad

There was people I’ve loved

Souls I’ve traveled

Battles I’d lost

Victories I’d dreamed

And wars I’d lived

One day, my soul just opened up

and I knew it was time

Time to put in the work

Time to put the plan into action

And complete the mission

Of truth

So, with my soul wide open,

God told me the secret,

I am God.

Shaquana S. Gardner