A week or so ago, I came across a blog post titled, “Courage NOT to Do Something“, speaking volumes about the significance of finding the strength and ability to enable the courage to say no to something you don’t want to do. It seems so simple doesn’t it? You don’t want to do something, so you just don’t do it. Simple. Basic. Reasonable. Right?

Wrong. Absolutely, completely, astronomically wrong!!! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! And yes, I seem a bit exaggerative right now, but that’s the liar in you, fighting the truth in my words. So, listen closely, right after you interrupt the debative voice in your head, arguing against my truth. Let’s work on practicing good active listening skills by quieting your opinions and openly listening to mine, as you read what I write.

None of us have the courage to do what we want to do. We just don’t. There are reasons, explanations and rationalizations to the extent of such fact, but we’re not going that deep today. Let’s just float right beneath the surface for a moment. What makes you happy? Like really, really happy? Like, so happy, not even mars falling on the moon would make you move from where you love, what you love or who you love.

Now, be honest with yourself with this next question, forget about me for a minute. Now that you’ve identified that amazing, most joyous, cheek hurting smile causing, nothing in the world matters perspective changing, thing, person, or place, consider this; how much time, overall, do you spend with it or them?

How much time in your own entire life do you end up, including the time it takes to actually discover that thing that fits the idealistic, utopian description above, dedicating to that one, true and most divine thing you love most before your times expires in the physical world?

I already know the answer for everyone. Because, it’s something  all of us sadly, though undoubtedly and most definitely,  share in common. We are too afraid to embrace, unconditionally and unapologetically, those things in which we love more than, quite honestly, the idea and existence of life itself.

So, we choose to do things we don’t want to do instead of being and nurturing those things we love. We go to work. To school. To shop. The movies. The park. Wash dishes and clean. We watch television. Oh, yes, we watch television. And we listen to music. And we talk on the telephone. And surf the net.

Tweet. Text. Pin. Post. Snapchat. Ping. Blog. ReBlog. Twerk. Talk. Sleep. Ignore. Pretend. And invent new things and new ways to reinvent old things, that will help us fundamentally and foundationally lay claim to the existence of doing everything but the thing in which you love the most.

Right now, in my own life, I am tackling this exact great dilemma right now. And let me tell you, it’s a battle with the beast. no doubt. I have decided to say no to everything I don’t want and yes to only the things in which I want, desire, insatiably crave the most. I don’t want to work for someone else. Ever again. At all. Because what I have to offer, is simply too large for what any one person, business, organization, or movement could handle.

I’m too large for other’s imaginations. And that’s okay. I had to learn that part with difficulty, but to much ado, I finally figured out the phenomenon of being too big for such a small world. So, I say yes, to creating my own job. My own business. My own concepts, ideas and way of life. My own identity and purpose. My own world.

And then invite those people, that were too small to handle my world on their platform, to share their world with my platform. I know, I start getting all mystical and poetic with my words, and some indefinitely lose me around now. But, by now, you already know what I’m saying.

Say no to the slave mentality. No, to the poison of money. No, to the desecration of wicked and ill intentioned acts. Be who you already are. And stop letting this world, and those dark energies driving this world, keep lying to you about what you love and what you should be doing. And yes, I’m going drastic and blatantly suggesting you should definitely quit your job, say eff money and negativity, and do what you really love. With the determination to live well and the will do good for the world and others, all other necessary positive and dutiful tools such as a home, car, education, good health, and high spirits, will come automatically. I guarantee it.

So, as you have read, when I saw this blog post, I was enlightened and uplifted. Inspired and remarkably clear. And so, in the spirit of NaPoWriMo and finding the courage to say no, I have written this short piece called, “The Courage to Say No”.

Tell me what you think of my understanding of the depth of our inability to say no to things we don’t want to do? What situations or experiences have you encountered that validate or challenge this idea of courage? What will you challenge yourself to say no to today?

And in spirit with the author of this piece, Toni ImsenI will end it with you all… “You fill in the blank. You have them too.

I choose courage NOT to _______________                                                                         .” 

The Courage to Say No

Courage is born in the deepest epicenter of the soul.

It demands courage NOT to hate someone that has shown to be imperfect

It demands courage NOT to blame others for what we allow them to do to us

It demands courage NOT to make excuses for the authentic flaws in our image

It demands courage NOT to hold on to toxic relationships and unrequited desire

It demands courage NOT to keep your back to the light, after you’ve seen the shadow

It demands courage NOT to foster wicked deeds in effort to advance, honest means

It demands courage NOT to live sheltered by the darkest circles of the world enclosing us

It demands courage NOT to burrow in hate and darkness, in effort to run from love and light

It demands courage NOT to be selfishly and dangerously ignorant of other’s realities

It demands courage NOT to be what they call you and be who you truly are