As some may have noticed, I have strayed from my enormously challenging goal of writing three new poems a day in honor of NaPoWriMo. Since, I started writing so late into the month, I was ambitiously anticipating catching up for the weeks and poems I’d missed the chance to write.

As I previously wrote, I had no idea how I was going to keep such a difficult challenge, in midst of all of the other responsibilities and commitments I must maintain. And then, a wonderful reader, named Rae Desmond Jones, wrote me a beautiful poem suggesting that maybe, perhaps, I didn’t need to adhere to such a demanding goal, as it requires me to spread myself too thin. And then, I came across this super cool blog post, reminding me again, that it is important to designate my own, realistic and useful pace for writing and posting on my blog.

It’s pretty amazing how much I learn every single day, while working hard to propel this beautiful vision of mine into a reality. As much as I might seem to resist and fight it, I am deeply grateful to be able to share this struggle and redemption process of my journey with you all. I am able to learn so much more than I could imagine from all of your stories, experiences, emotions and beautiful energies, while sharing my own story and path to love, beauty and everything wonderful. I feel so understood and appreciated, with much support and true desire to see me do well, from you all.

Thus, I am empowered to change my mind. To re-approach my plan and rearrange my priorities. There is one day left of NaPoWriMo after today, so I will finish it off with two introspective poems. In addition, I will introduce, beginning today, a new challenge for myself and the rest of this week; the challenge of acknowledging truth and engaging in confession. It is time for me to make peace fully with my story, by sharing it, and by God’s will, having you all bear witness to my testimony. In such spirit of finalizing my truth journey, as I know it, today’s poem is called, “What Will I Say?”

In recognition of the importance of being truthful with yourself, what will you say, when it’s time to be honest with self? And with knowledge that your testimony is powerful enough to save lives, what will you confess to save the souls of the damned?

What Will I Say?

What will I say to the barren mothers of the broken children

What will I say to the hopeless souls engulfed in the flames of the wicked

What will I say to the hardened hearts of the hidden, hurtled, and hungry

What will I say to the mammies and pappies; the dandies and lappies

What will I say to the world of the forgotten, folly and fractionalized

What will i say to them??

Dear God, tell me, please

What will I say??