One month ago, on April 12th, I announced my official beta launch of, after dedicating one full week into building it. I researched, dissected, and analyzed hours and hours of google searches on how to create, market, and successfully build a blog.

I had to learn about embedding links, creating logos, and creating a customized email for my website. I had to fortify my social media marketing skills, while solidifying my distinct purpose and manifestation of said purpose, through this site.

I faced brokeness, growing debt, loneliness, doubt, insecurity, hateration, negativity, and straight up foolishness. And every single day, that I got closer to my redemption, I prayed a little harder, grew a lot stronger and maintained more faith, that in staying committed to this vision, God has given me, I will ultimately fulfill his prophecy for me.

Since the first day that I realized I would need to redo every single post, layout, picture, design and idea on my blog, I have been filled with the most dignified sense of purpose, I have ever known to be possible. The lack of formal help or support during this learning and growing portion of my journey, has only fortified my incredible sense of self empowerment, integrity and dignity.

I have put my all into something that encompasses all of who I am, inherently, in essence, putting my eggs all in one basket, and faithfully enduring until the first one hatches. This award is my first hatchling. More than anything else, this is God’s way of saying, my time is here and thus, the time of the oppressed is here, as well.

So, 36 days, 47 blog posts, 69 followers (I didn’t have 1 follower before 4/4), and 500 plus views later, I graciously accept this Liebster Award, shrouded in the pride, wisdom and truth of God. Thank you, everyone. And, this is only the only beginning. I promise you all, I won’t let you down!


11 Facts About Myself 

1. I have never chewed gum in my life! No, not even once.

2. I used to eat leaves and dirt, though irregularly, while in preschool

3. I can be really lazy, sometimes. So, I live as an intentional neat freak in the present, as a means of appeasing the future laziness in me.

4. I like to tell people I have a beard, to describe the facial hair on my chin

5. When I was about 5, I wished I was Puerto Rican

6. I am still, technically, a new driver =)

7. I love, love, love cooking and eating

8. I once lived in a motel and a trailer park, as a younger child

9. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister

10. I could literally, live quite joyfully off of nothing more than, cold and hot cereal and sandwiches.

11. I spent 22 years of my life, truthfully believing, I would never be loved, by anyone fully.  Until, I learned God had been loving me all along. 22 years of feeling unloved. And now, I am found.

11 Questions From Keri B.

1. To borrow a question from the ones I was asked, what phrase/motto describes your life?

“No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present or the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:37-39 NIV

2. What’s your favorite book that you’ve read in the past year?
"Peace From Broken Pieces: How to Get Through What You're Going Through" by Iyanla Vanzant. The single, most important book that I have read in my entire life.

3. Which of the magical powers or objects in Harry Potter do you most wish you could have?

Haha, excuse my dorkiness here, but none. I have the most majestic and omnipotent power there is, immense, infinite, pure, Godly love.

4. If you could talk to one famous dead person, who would it be and why?

Definitely my man, Malcolm. He was a true child of God, and I would love to hear his thoughts and wisdom on making, what was likely the hardest and most difficult decision of his flesh lifetime; the decision to live in truth, at all costs, purely for the sake of God’s grandest mission.

5. What is your favorite old movie? By old, I mean at least pre-1970.
Cabin in the Sky

6. What advice would you give yourself if you could travel back in time? (It’s up to you how far back you need to travel to give yourself the advice you want.)

Love yourself first, and all other things will come into play.

7. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Stupidity (defined by me as, choiceful ignorance) and Selfishness

8. What were (or are) your imaginary friends’ names?

Haha, her name was Shaniqua! I was actually just talking about the other day. She was def the first real homie in my life, and held it down 100% of the time! S/o to Shaniqua!

9. What are the nicknames you’ve been saddled with over the years?

Ugh! Please, don’t remind me! I’m not going too deep here, because I refuse to give the whole dang world a full on invitation into the realm of “let’s make up a name for Shaquana because I’m too lazy to say three syllables” game. But I’ll give you the ones that stuck the longest.

  1. Quana: Given by my family; I love it but only if used by people I know like that. It makes my skin cringe, a lot, when people I never gave permission, choose to call me Quana. Seriously! But, yea, no pressure for new people reading this, that I’ll soon meet, haha!
  2. Shaq: The infamous nickname, Shaq. My sister did her darndest to get me to adopt this, back when people had something called “tag names” (it was a nineties thing, for those too old or too young for that to resonate without). But, I was adversely against, for the obvious reason that I would be sharing a nickname with the 7 plus foot, best power forward in the history of the Lakers history, Shaquille O’Neal; not exactly the image I was going for at 9. In any regard, it was meant to be, as years later, in high school, it was literally forced on me, and has somehow managed to follow me from my first long term  job at 15, to now, 10 years, 2,500+  miles, and about one hundred lifetimes later.

10. What was your favorite fairy tale/Disney movie growing up? Hands down, The Lion King!

11. What was the last song you listened to? “Break Every Chain” by Joy J

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10. Eye Will Not Cry


11 Questions for My Nominees 

1. What is the exact thought in your head right now, as you read this question?

2. Be honest, are you a hater?

3. How often do you do things for others, that provide you no direct benefit, than the joy of pleasing someone else?

4. Who or what influences your “politics”?

5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

6. If you were offered an all expense paid trip, to wherever you desire, under the condition that you leave in the next hour and never come back, would you leave? If so, where would you leave to?

7. Where were you born? Where were you raised?

8. What do you truthfully consider to be, the most beautiful aspect or feature about yourself?

9. Who is someone that deserves a shout out for their love, patience of compassion toward you recently?

10. What did you want to be when you were little? What do you want to be now?

11. Do you believe in tomorrow? Would you fight for it?