“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” John 1:27 NIV

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 NIV

I have always felt like I was a giant, forced to try to fit in a dwarf’s existence. I always felt that I was just too big, too much, too this and too that, for any place, person, or experience I encountered. If you’ve seen the Disney movie Frozen(which you so should, if you haven’t btw), my existence is symbolically in sync with that of Elsa, the misunderstood older sister with immense powers.

She spent most of her life hiding away in a room, trying to manage her powers, in a way that would be more suitable and acceptable to the world around her. She was told she was dangerous, because she couldn’t control her powers, whereas in reality, the only danger posed by her powers was her fear of them. Her powers were meant to be used with love and unhindered by fear and it wasn’t until Elsa experienced true love, that she was able to see this.

This analogy may seem cliche or geeky, but the fundamentals in understanding how to manage great power, ambition, and drive, given to you from God, are central in this theme. Elsa’s parents couldn’t understand where she was coming from, not because she was an anomaly or truly misunderstandable, but simply because their fear of the unknown censored their imagination and ability to consider new things outside of their knowledge.

Even after a troll king told her parents that the only way to control Elsa’s powers was to drive out her of fear them, her parents still chose to lock their daughter away, indefinitely. It appeared more simple for them to lock her away, than to work on understanding, accepting and making peace with something so majestic and yet, so unknown to their level of reality.

In all, it took great tragedy and strife to hit her kingdom, directly as a result of her powers, before Elsa was able to come to terms with her her powers and the significance of not fearing them. Through great sacrifice, she learned how to embrace her unique powers with love, enabling her to begin to use them to propel love throughout the entire kingdom.


We are in a day and age, filled with immense strife, struggle, devastation, and denial. Yet, we have grown to understand and accept that we are better off locking away our most invincible and intangible powers, for the better of the world, or ourselves, instead of using them to save the world.

We have been accustomed to believe that people that display, embrace, and project their most unique powers of love, are ostracized, persecuted and exiled, if not killed. Just like how the townspeople reacted to Elsa, the first time they saw her powers.

But, where did that leave the town? With Elsa gone, the town in shambles of despair, and the man attempting to take power, only concerned with self gain and further reinforcement of hard times, what state were the townspeople left in?! No one could convince them of the purity in Elsa’s powers, except for Elsa. She was the only one who could show them the power of love in her abilities.

Here’s my two points: One. if you have a power, hiding, burying and attempting to kill it, will not save you or the people in the world that you so dearly love. Two, I, just like Elsa, will never be locked away again! I am the light, and I will shine, into the darkest and most hidden away corners of the world.

So, if you don’t like what I have to say, how I say it or the fact that I said it at all, I obviously don’t care, and more importantly, you shouldn’t either. Questioning my light, attempting to cast doubt and weariness on my truth, and attacking my existence will do nothing but add more fuel this growing inferno in my heart. In the end, all naysayers and wicked evildoers will be thrown and cast away, just as the Duke of Weselton was, at the end of Frozen.

I keep seeing this tagline for the new HBO movie, The Normal Heart, and it reads “to win a war, you have to start one.” Inspired by that tagline, I am officially starting a war. Like Elsa, I am ready to let it go, rise like the break of dawn and let the storm rage on!

“Let it go, let it go…And I’ll rise like the break of dawn… Let it go, let it go… That perfect girl is gone… Here I stand… In the light of day… Let the storm rage on… The cold never bothered me anyway” -Idina Menzel, ‘Let It Go’