1. All single people are assumed to be DTF

By single people, I am particularly referring to those groups of people that identify, or are assumed to identify, as women in Los Angeles. By going out for a night on the town, with anyone that isn’t a person that is assumed to identify as male, I am essentially and convincingly announcing to any eligible “man” brave enough to step to me, that I am most definitely DTF. Yes, that’s correct, because I am guilty of being assumed single, woman, and attractive, all while out at a bar or lounge, I am definitely placing a sign on myself that says I am Down to Fuck.

Now, people that haven’t lived and partied in LA, might be reading these lines in disbelief. But, before you get too blown away, do understand that this is an absolute norm in LA. Whenever I make this same acknowledgement known out loud, at best I get a “Yea, that’s just how it is” and at worst, I get “Duh! Why else would you go out?!”

But where they do dat at?! What world did I just travel to?! And how do I teleport back to the reality of people with logic?!

On that note, I’ll just leave this thing as is, as it would more of a book and less of a blog post, to even pretend to dissect the reality of this phenomena.

Welcome to the beautifully complexing, ambiguous reality of Los Angeles!