There is something so profound about the peaceful clarification brought into your life, the moment you meet the spiritual being God designed for you. Yet, finding them isn’t the easy part.

That’s only the beginning. The work toward spiritual bliss is nowhere near done. Though, you may be spiritually designed for one another, as with anything else spiritual, the physical existence of yourself often isn’t immediately in alignment with that.

So, you have to fight for it. The destiny does not begin at the start of your first physical encounter with your spiritual other half. It begins the day you both agree that you will enter into war together, to fight for the truth of the existence God ordained to you.

God bless the spiritual journey of myself and my spiritual other half and may the Father bless us eternally on our path to returning back to one another.

The Words We Never Said

You’re the most beautiful essence of shared love

I’ve ever known

I knew from the first moment I saw you

The first moment I ever spoke to you

The first time I ever felt your presence in my life

I knew

That day, I saw you standing outside of that building

I tried to ignore the immediate haywire my brain went into

The disarray compounding inside my heart

I tried to ignore you

Until you spoke

And I looked in your face

And I knew

I knew it was me and you

But I brushed it off and hoped I’d never see you again

But of course you’d be the one

That worked at the place I was interviewing for

Of course!

That was my luck

And of course you never spoke again

Nothing meaningful

At least

You just stared

And stared

And stared

Intently, silently, and quite unapologetically

I would call my homie, everyday

Confused out of my mind

Like why does he stare and never say anything

But I knew

And I just kept on pretending like I didn’t know

But I knew

I always knew

From that first moment

When I saw you


You didn’t speak

Until you finally spoke

And you said

“I like your hair”


That’s what you say to me?!

Then you finally got the heart

And you asked if we could hang during the weekend

And I said yes

You called

I didn’t wait for it

Look for it

Or care about it

Or so I thought

You didn’t call back

No message


And so, I blew you off

Or so, I tried

But you wouldn’t go away

You wouldn’t disappear

Even though you were never really there

I couldn’t lose you in my thoughts

I could forget you in my dreams

My visions of Him became intertwined

With my visions of you

Were you Him?

No way!

But, wait, were you?

I had to know

I had to know

So I texted you

Asking you what happened

Why you never called me

But that wasn’t what I was really asking

And you knew

Just like before

You always knew


You said we should meet

Get something to eat and talk a bit

I agreed and we did

We walked, talked, ate, laughed, smiled, lived

It was the most beautiful day of my life

Like a dream

It was so surreal

So unreal

Every moment I spent with you felt so unreal

So impossible

And yet, so right, so perfect, so needed and necessary

It was everything I never imagined, for fear it could never be true

You were the dream so beautiful, I never dared to even dream it

And there you were, standing in front of me

Wanting and needing me as much as I wanted and needed you

I remember the moment you said it

“I’ve waited my whole life for you”

And so had I

We walked the Brooklyn Bridge that night


How did you know?!

How could you have known?!

We ate bagels and drank ginger ale and coffee under the bridge

Watching the Brooklyn skylight

Me and you

As if it always was

Because we always had been

Even when we weren’t


Things went fast from there

We flipped, tumbled, and torpedoed

Heels over head

Without permission, second thought or apologies

We threw away, pushed aside

Anything and anyone

That didn’t fit into the mold we immediately formed

It all went so fast

And we both treated us as if

Nothing lasted forever

So we overused, abused, and confused us

As much as we could, before we lost it

Because of course

All good things must come to an end

Or is that so?

We’d clashed, bashed, and smashed all that could be us

And we were only left with our broken pieces

What was needed next, required the hardest thing of all

Sorting through the cracked, mangled, rough edges

Of our destroyed remains

We had to find our individual pieces

Collect them in love, handing over the pieces of each other

That we’d stolen, sawed or shipped off

From one another

So I gave you back to yourself, after you gave me back to myself

And we left each other

Going our separate ways

To find the glue, tape, stickers, nails, pins, threads and needles

Needed to put back together the pieces of

Our individual selves

With new artistic innovation and inspiration

Driving our creative design schemes

And impacting the depth and urgency of our mission

To rectify our damaged pieces

In time for our master reveal

We went to work, alone in person

But together in heart


And so, it seems

The time has come

Much sooner, unexpectedly and undeniably than I thought

I am ready

I am anxious

I am excited

And I am so

So, so, so


In love with you

And whether it were this second, tomorrow, next week or next year

That we reunite in spirit and soul

I will be forever committed to the truth of our destiny

And in tune with the rhythm of our exclusive beat

I am here

Growing, loving and learning

While waiting for our big reveal

Preparing myself for that beautiful moment

When we will finally speak

The words we never said