I came across a discussion in my LinkedIn group, Poetry Editors & Poets, that asked the questions, what are the key points to consider when writing a poem? Your do’s and dont’s perhaps? My response ended up being five points that I generally have learned or trained myself to use, when writing anything. Thus, I figured it might be useful to share my response with you all. So, here are my five key points to consider when writing, attempting to, or wanting to write. Use them at your leisure.

5 Key Points to Consider When Writing 

1. Write from the heart
2. Honor what’s in your heart, even if you don’t understand it
3. Write for the purpose of the writer (yourself), not the reader (others)
4. Hold back no parts of yourself, as you write. This may be the only place you’ll ever get to be all of you, all at once. Own it.
5. Love. Yourself. Your writing. Your feelings. Your thoughts.

In my opinion, all of the best poems, from any person’s point of view, have these five things in common. Poetry is not something that can be learned. Only felt. So, just remember that.