As you all may know, I am trying to get back to New York City and need help. Here’s a video I posted to YouTube asking for assistance from you all to keep my vision alive by helping me find a stable place to lay my head. I appreciate your love, support, assistance and prayers in advance and graciously admire any compassion you can share with me. I love you all for growing with me, challenging and pushing me, and riding with me on this amazingly wonderous journey I’ve embarked on.

Help a determined, passionate and beautiful person propel her vision of changing the world into a reality! Donate to help me get back home and keep my dream alive! And, share my message with any one you know that might want to help a driven, relentless, beautiful soul continue her journey to transforming the world.

Watch the video, hear my words and if the spirit moves you, click on one of these links and head to either of my fundraising pages at and to make a donation. I welcome all encouraging and supportive thoughts, prayers and assistance! Blessings and peace be in abundance to you all!


Here’s a break down of my video:

I am a beautiful, compassionate, relentlessly driven young woman attempting to do something, never quite done before. It’d be a blessing to myself, the world and the future if you could help me propel my vision to change the world, just by helping make sure I have a secure place to lay my head.

In short, here’s the deal.

It’s simple…

  1. I am a visionary
  2. I aim to change the world through my thoughts, words and actions
  3. I came to Los Angeles to make that vision a reality
  4. I am committed to building my business, vision and
  5. I have not been able to make money from my vision, thus far
  6. I am not willing to sacrifice my dream to work for someone else’s to stay, to help me stayn in LA
  7. Unfortunately, I am poor and have no fundamental financial or emotional support
  8. So, I am a broke visionary with an abundance of skills and no one to invest in them
  9. I have no place to stay after tonight (5/29/14)
  10. I have no money to pay for food, shelter or transportation to NYC


  1. I need your help to raise money to pay for me to go back to NYC
  2. My goal is to raise $600 to pay for my storage and personal debt here, my plane ticket and bags.
  3. Every little bit counts, so please give what you can, and pray that I recieve what you can’t give
  4. Thank you and God bless your heart and soul