LinkedIn Forum Response:

I personally enjoy solitude over any other personal interaction. I find it hard to relate to people about my overwhelming desire to be in solitude. What I have recently learned is that much of my desire to be alone comes from people’s inability to relate or add to my company.

Similar to your comment about the detour people can pose for your fluidity of thoughts when you’re in deep thought, I find that people want to think, speak and engage in only the things that they value or prioritize. People will rarely enter conversation with you just for the benefit of you, as it usually isn’t as suitable for them as talking about things that only concern them.

I find that people often only want the pieces of me and my mind that are suitable to their desires and values. The rest of me gets tossed to the side, until I am alone or with someone that allows and embraces all of me (which is no one for me). In all, I see that my desire is not so much to be alone but to attain the feeling that I get when I am alone.

The feeling of being all of me, all at once, with no obstacles or forces interrupting that. It just happens that I can only find that feeling, when I am alone. But I feel confident, there are a group of people out there, enjoying the solitude, in great anticipation for people that want to share the perks of solitude together, like me =)!