I believe one major aspect of the perpetuation of mental illness in our society is the lack of respect and appreciation for creativity.

People are far too often labeled as deficient or devoid in some mental, emotional, or biological makeup of their being simply based on what they have that does not fit in the “norm” of society.

If a person who has a different way of mentally learning, physically developing or sociologically adapting, they’re diagnosed as having mental illness.

Does this mean mental illness doesn’t even exist? That’s debatable. But I think what’s more important, is to consider the reason we consider those things labeled mental illness to be an illness anyway?

If we found creative ways of interacting, acknowledging and managing the creativeness in the makeup of humans, including mentally, how vast our world of possibilities could grow…

In any regard, within the world we live in now, the only thing the “mentally ill” have to truly stay sane in the insanity of this world, is to jump, dive and hide in all of their creativity.