Yesterday, made two months since April 12th, 2014, the date I launched the beginning of the rest of my life. It marked the first 60 days since the fateful day I made the second biggest and most life altering decision of my life, after moving cross country!

It has been quite the journey since I first presented the world with the beta launch of my website, and business, Creative Consulting and more than anything else, I am so deeply honored, humbled and blessed to proudly say I am still going, one hundred times as strong. 

So many times, until this very week, I have battled severely with the dark and wicked forces in this world, working effortlessly to obstruct the mission and purpose I am sent here to serve. I have never encountered such focused, keenly particular and strongly concentrated hate, dishonesty, and downright unholy, unrighteous, straight up sad and almost, just almost, pathetic efforts, made at the attempt to “hold me down”.

I mean, it’s just been so absolutely out of this world and ridiculous at points, that I literally just have to sit back and have a Grey’s Anatomy Moment, screaming myself “Seriously?!” 

And yet, as so many people reminded me time and time again, this struggle and journey has truly and so deeply profoundly made all of this mission to build a business, community and overall movement, tremendously more worth it and reaffirming. I am definitely not out of the woods yet; from where I am standing, not by far; from other’s perspective, maybe just by inches.

Nonetheless, I am still in the midst of the violent currents of this dark and twisted reality, we call life, and I am clear as ever! I am sound and alert as ever! I am poised and centered as ever! I am! 

With that, I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my little big heart, to every single person that has visited my page, read my poems, articles and random reflections, watched my videos, liked my ideas, shared their love and comments with me, shared my content, clicked on my links, liked my Facebook page, gave me feedback, prayed for me from close or far, sent me good wishes and much needed love, showed me love or hate, pushed me further or tried to hold me back, responded to my calls of help or ignored my pleas or proposals, rooted for me or hated on me and especially, to all those who struggled in the name of love, beauty and justice right along with me or for me, THANK YOU!!

If this were a video, you’d see the tears in my eyes right now from the immense gratitude and love my heart is overwhelmed with. I never imagined I would have the unmatched courage, relentless strength, undying perseverance, everlasting intuition and God given ambition, to be the woman I am today.

And I truthfully could not and would not be here if it were not for the blessings sent from my Father to me, from you all! You have been my family, friends, lovers, teachers, lawyers, and counselors, through the ability of God, at each time I needed it most, whether you knew it or not! I wish I could say more to show my appreciation and gratitude but I’ll wait till I can demonstrate it with actions, and until then, I again, again and again, simply say Thank You!!

Below are some pictures showing the small, yet significant achievements of this blog thus far. For more in depth and consistent follow up with updates on the rise and growth of, be sure to take a look at my Milestones page, highlighting all the cool things going on with myself, my business and my blog. 

Last but most definitely not least, I want to send a very special shout out to a few particular people who really went through it with me to help me get through these past few months, so I could stand where I am today, a million steps closer to the day of glory.

Thank you to my momma, my brother Kharlique, my sister Shawana, my cousin Jerome, my heart Kirk, and my Spirit twin, Anna! I appreciate you all and so many more, soo soo soo much! I love you all so so so much! God bless you! Peace, blessings and love in abundance to you! Until, next time =)!

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