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Check out the promotional deal going on at EverythingShaquana’s Creative Consulting Services until July 15, 2014!! You can receive up to $1,200 worth of my services and unique expertise just by referring new clientele to Creative Consulting!!

How the Promotional Referral Program Works:

Receive up 25 FREE hours of Creative Consulting Services

Get 5 FREE hours each for up to 3 successful referrals and 10 FREE hours for a 4th referral

That’s up $1,200 in services for FREE!


Basic Web Design    Consulting    Education    Event Planning   Marketing Strategizing    Social Media Networking  &   Writing

**See the Creative Consulting Services Flyer**

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FREE Is The Magic Word

June Promo Referral Program: Get up to $1200 of Free services for Referrals until 7/15 (incl. tutoring- live & online, social media promotion, resume writing, new job research and applications)

Free Consultations: Free consultations are available for all new and prospecting clients! Feel free to contact me if you’re just interested in finding out where to start, I am the best resource you could imagine for such priceless help in direction! Below are some of my featured and specialty consultation services. See the Creative Consulting services flyer for more information about services I offer and my LinkedIn page for more information my experience, education and background.

  • Free web design consultation: Need help building up a site for your new business, music/ artist career, hobby or just for fun? I can give you free advice on where to start, how to build your site with any budget and how to upkeep your web presence using all accessible digital tools! Contact me today!
  • Free Social Marketing Consultation: Need help figuring how to manage social media? Got a business and have no idea how to use social media to promote it? Got a social media page but can’t get any traffic on it and want to know how? Want help with using social media to promote your music, writing, performance or professional career? Contact me for a free consultation on where to start  in the maze of social media, to get your brand to the top! 
  • Free Event Planning Consultation: Got a big event coming up for work, school, romantic or personal life and have no idea where to start or time to begin?! Contact me for a free consultation on where to start and get unmatched help with making that day or event, the best ever! 
  • Free Sexuality Education Consultation: Let’s Talk About Sex Baby!! For real! Have questions about what counts as an STI, what the purpose of lubricant is, or how to use a female or male condom? Don’t know what a Dental Dam is? Wondering whether “females” can ejaculate and how that connects to “squirting”? Have any weird, out of this world, you would never ask but always wanted to know questions about sexuality, sex, sexual reproductive health, or sexual orientation, contact me for answers! With over ten years of experience as a sexuality educator, I’m prepped with the know what and how, to give you the answers to the questions you seek in an informative, factual yet, down to earth way! Hit me up to talk about sex and be blown away by all of the things you never knew or didn’t ask!!
  • Free Tutoring Consultation: Are you a student, want to be a student or wish you were a student? I can assist you with connections to all tools necessary to increasing your skills and knowledge level as a student in whatever field. If you are a K-12 or Social Science student and need tutoring, I provide one on one and group tutoring in person and live online. So contact me today for more information!
  • Free Academic Career Consultation: Are you high school or college student ready to start applying for undergraduate and graduate degree programs? Are you a working young adult or adult interested in going back to school to chase the passion you always had or the trade you still don’t know you love? Whether you have everything all lined out and just need a little direction or assistance with one area or you are completely lost on how to manage your life and make the necessary steps to plan and prepare for your future, I can help you. Contact me today for a free consultation on how you can use what you already have to get everything you want, just using the help of my expertise! 
  • Free Career Development Consultation: Tired of your horrible boss or low paying job and need to look for a new one but have no time? Ready to find or build a career that will help you do what makes you happy and purposeful but have no idea on where to start? Contact me for a free consultation and direction on how to get things going for the future you want, while you work hard to maintain the present you live in!