#EverythingShaq #SexFacts #MaleSexualAnatomy: The Scrotum

Basic Info:

The scrotum, often referred to as the “balls” or “balls sack”, is really a layer of loose skin covering the testes, an internal “male” sexual organ that produces and stores sperm, the “male’s” genetic contribution to offspring, also known as a child.

To make and nurture a pregnancy, a person needs one sperm, one ovum, also known as an egg, and a uterus for the pregnancy to grow in. That sperm is produced in the testes, which are glands covered by a sac of skin, called the scrotum or scrotal sac.

A major purpose of the scrotum is to maintain a healthy temperature for the growing sperm. If you think of the sperm as you would an fetus growing inside someone’s uterus, the uterus is the testes where the sperm grow and the scrotum is the belly, often referred to as the stomach, which covers and protects the uterus.

Basically, to keep sperm growing and healthy, so that they can ultimately go on to create a pregnancy, the skin around the “balls” works like a chamber to maintain the sperm’s temperature.

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**Fun Facts** 

**Though commonly mistaken for synonyms, there is a difference between semen and sperm. Semen is the combination of fluids from the seminal vesicle, prostate gland and cowper’s gland mixed with sperm.

Sperm is the “male” biological contribution to offspring, shaped similar to microscopic tadpoles. In essence, I always like to say, sperm are the little fishes swimming in the semen river.

**Some people may have noticed, if they’ve ever seen a person’s scrotum, that when the body of a person with a scrotum
gets cold, their “balls”May shrink, making them appear smaller.

That is the scrotal sac pulling the testes closer to the body, in effort to keep the sperm warm. On the reverse, when a body with a scrotum is warm, the scrotum or “balls” will noticeably hang lower and more loosely from the body, to help keep the sperm cooler.