If you know me, even kind of well, you know that I love Eminem! Like, looove him! Through all of his trials, imperfections, struggles, and mishaps, he’s been nothing but an inspiration to me, since his inception on the mainstream rap scene in 1998. While I was just 9 years old, I knew God had blessed my world with an remarkable spirit to look up to!

If you don’t know me, you might be extremely confused and surprised to find out that a person who is assumed to be a God fearing, people loving, LGBTQ supporting (whatever that means), firm believer in all things empowering “women”, would loooove Eminem. Since his first step on the scene, he has often been labeled and misrepresented as a one dimensional, outlandish, unorthodox, wicked breeding, freak of nature, born in the wrong skin, at least by mainstream media (i.e. White media).

Eminem has always been persecuted for being the only person he’s ever known how to be, his damn self. Whether being attacked for his “misogynistic” or “homophobic” lyrics (btw, by people who absolutely reinforce the status quo of homophobia and misogynism) or being railroaded by the so called justice and legal system of America, Em has long had many battles to fight, outside of his own demons and skeletons weighing him down.

There is also the inability of the Black community and thus, inherently the “real owners” of hip hop, to wholeheartedly accept, acknowledge and appreciate the once in a lifetime concoction of unfiltered, undeniable brilliance, pain, will and fight to be heard, bleeding through every one of Eminem’s rhymes. That fact, further highlights another pathway in which the world and music scene in general, attempt to thwart, confuse, misrepresent, dismiss or completely sabotage the musical and societal genius embedded so far in Em, that he himself may not know it exists.


His threat as an individual, in general, just by being alive, is locked into his unashamed exemplification of raw, authentic, beaten, bruised, yet, ever resilient beauty, vividly seen in the nature of his career as an artist, poet, lyricist, and social icon. His powerful ability to inhibit people to NOT be able to typecast him or force his ever large spirit and identity into some box built by a society too afraid of divergent spirits, is the reason why he’s a threat.

His commitment to growth and his strength to be able do so, smack dab in the public eye, has illustrated more than anything else, the impossibility to deny or dismiss the profoundness of his spiritual depth and transcension.

In essence, I said all of that, to say this, if you don’t agree with me, who cares! The truth in what I just wrote pours all throughout his latest song, Headlights! I won’t add anything more, as whether this song or album, gets as much acknowledgement as it deserves, it and Eminem himself, speak volumes more than any person ever could deny! So, I’ll let it do the rest of the speaking for itself!

Enjoy! And may an abundance of love, peace, blessings and beauty continue to bless Eminem’s dynamic spirit and the growth of his family!