I, Shaquana Gardner, am a living and breathing testament of the excessive, xenophobic driven brutality of the over-militarized police force in NYC. On August 3, 2014 the New York City Police Department broke down my apartment door, handcuffed every person in my home and illegally dragged me off to Bellevue Medical Center, citing that I was a danger to myself (as a result of being “suicidal” and “believing that I was prophet, sent from God, in the likeness of Jesus Christ”)! I was held at Bellevue Medical Center Psychiatric Ward at 20 West, committed involuntarily, for a total of five nights! The horrors and tragic abuse of power, human bodies and government funds in the form of medicaid, medicare and military healthcare, witnessed firsthand by myself, are likely beyond your belief! Look out for my full report of the details of the most recent attack against my community, home, family, body and mental health!!

Police Militarization Pic w kids and officer