This video details the events leading up to and during my family’s entrapment in my mother’s apartment, by the New York City Police Department on the night of August 3, 2014. Claiming to have been called by someone who believed a person in my house wanted to harm themselves, the police knocked at my door. When told that no one in my home wanted to harm themselves and thus, we had no need for police presence, the police refused to leave, demanding to be let into my mother’s apartment.

The police refused to leave from in front of the apartment door, demanding to be let in, and proceeded to stake out the door until back up came (in the form of several dozen officers, paramedics and a SWAT team). Wherein the NYPD then banged and hacked away at the door for 2 1/2 hours until they broke the door down and raided the apartment. Below is a small description of the events following the NYPD’s illegal entrapment, entry, search and seizure of my mother’s apartment and my person!

Police Knock Knock Pic

I, Shaquana Gardner, am a living and breathing testament of the excessive, xenophobic driven brutality of the over-militarized police force in NYC. On August 3, 2014 the New York City Police Department broke down my apartment door, following a 2 1/2 entrapment of my family and I in our apartment. Without a search or arrest warrant, the NYPD, broke down my door, with the help and permission of dozens of head police sergeants and lieutenants, in addition to, a SWAT team. While I was hugging my mother and singing gospel music, the SWAT team stormed in my house, pointed loaded rifles and laser beams on my entire family, including my pregnant sister.

Without identifying anyone by name or mentioning any concern of someone being in harm’s way, they immediately handcuffed every person in my home and threw me to the floor, before quickly and illegally dragging me away. When asked over and over, what I was being handcuffed and dragged away for or whether I was under arrest, I was met with silence by the officers and “paramedics”. The NYPD forced me out of my house with no clothes, shoes, or ID and refused to allow my mother to come with me.

The officers and “paramedics” shipped me off to Bellevue Medical Center, where I later learned they cited to hospital staff that I was a danger to myself (as a result of being “suicidal” and “believing that I was a prophet, sent from God, in the likeness of Jesus Christ”)! I was then registered in the hospital by the police officers/ paramedics under the pseudo name, “Sequanna Garner”, with a completely false and made up medical record number. Though, there was absolutely no sufficient evidence or probable cause for me to be committed as a suicide risk, I was held at Bellevue Medical Center Psychiatric Ward  in their CPEP intake emergency room for a little less than 12 hours.

I was then shipped to section 20 West after being committed involuntarily and remained there for a total of five nights! The horrors and tragic abuse of power, human bodies and government funds in the form of Medicaid, medicare and military healthcare, witnessed firsthand by myself, are likely beyond your belief! Look out for my full report of the details of my experience at Bellevue Medical Center’s fraudulent and devastatingly illegal psychiatric hospital.

Below is the very detailed video I recorded, approximately 10 minutes into the entrapment. I recorded for almost 40 minutes, demonstrating live and first hand, the devious and disgusting tactics used by the NYPD to attack, persecute and inherently, kidnap me for my spiritual beliefs and pursuits!

Share and spread the message of the militarization of the New York City Police Department and it’s oppressive and destructive criminalization of low-income people of color, particularly those with knowledge that they dare to share!