I’ll try to keep this short, as I truly have a book of words to add to this “topic of discussion” on the media agenda these days.

My greatest concern and bone to pick with our society on the whole, in addition to the NFL, ESPN, the greater media and every person following this story, individually, is based on one simple but very telling fact. The fact that the world needed to see a 2nd video to be “convinced”!

What does it say about the world we live in, that folks needed to physically and visually see Janay Palmer (a.k.a. “Ray Rice’s fiance”) get knocked out, to actually feel “outraged” by the blatant perpetual violence against women seen everyday?

What does it say that every time Janay Palmer or her attack is mentioned, she is called “Ray Rice’s fiancee” and not by her name, Janay Palmer?

What does it say about the world we live in, that only one major celebrity news source, Access Hollywood, has taken cause to connect the sordid video of Rice knocking out his wife, to other stories of celebrity domestic violence? And what does it say that the one and only story mentioned in connection with Ray Rice’s domestic violence “scandal”, is Mike Tyson’s abuse of Robin Givens (particularly, preceding a story about his recent lashing out against a disrespectful Canadian talk show host)? In essence, if Tyson wasn’t featured on Access Hollywood that same night, Robin’s piece in Time Magazine, and its connection to the Ray Rice rice “situation” would never have been a follow up feature.

What does it say that there has been no correlation made between the prevalent and disgusting culture of violence against women in this country and Rice’s attack on his then, fiancee?

What does it say that almost every news source, in the past few days, has made major point to highlight the NFL’s lack of response to this “scandal”, as one of the greatest controversies in this entire situation? As opposed to the fact that a man, who is a known powerhouse in the Nation Football League, weighing 212 pounds, is knocking his fiancee out on video, in a hotel elevator?

What does it say that not one major new source has fully underlined the problematic nature of not, the knock out itself, but the aftermath of the knock out? The fact that no one has taken time to rewind, pause and critically analyze the way in which Rice handles Palmer after he knocks her out? The fact that he, a 212 pound man, nonchalantly drags Palmer, as opposed to picking her up, off the elevator floor? The fact that he pulls her foot so hard that he takes her shoe off, throwing it at her, before the hotel security guard shows up? The fact that Rice kicks her, in an assumed attempt to wake her, only following the arrival of the security guard? Or the glaring fact that Rice spits in Palmer’s face, not once, but twice before even putting his hands on her, while on camera?

What does it say that the first video, the only one I believe needed to be seen to understand the gravity in the depraved indifference toward violence against women in this society, shows everything other than Rice’s spit and fist hitting Palmer’s face, and still wasn’t enough?!

And what does it say, now that we’ve seen the majority, if not the entirety of the videos, that Janay Palmer was charged and arrested as well, the night she was attacked?

People are going bizerk, while using this prime opportunity to bash the NFL, claiming that the NFL was completely off base with its response to the Rice “situation”. Yet, where were those same people, when Roger Goodell first announce the minor two game suspension for Rice? Where were the critics of the NFL and proponents of women’s rights before the public release of the second video? Where was thefootballgirl.com and NOW, when a video of Janay Palmer laying face flat on the floor of an Atlantic City casino hotel, with Ray Rice dragging and nudging her with his foot”, was first released?!

The NFL and Ray Rice for that matter, are simply reinforcements of a very disgustingly broken society. Those to blame are those who in back in April and who currently, choose to bear witness to the abuse and disrespect of women’s bodies and say nothing at all!

If the most significant argument that can be made about the release of this second video is only against Ray Rice, the Baltimore Ravens and the NFL, what kind of society do we really live in?