See my daddy never existed

and my father is so twisted

in which he never loved me

contrary to what my mommy lies to me

but she could never sell me the broken dream of a daddy so senseless

that he never discovered his own treasures,

he missed us.

I could never love him or show him respect

because he could never do the same

and what a shame I didn’t have a banana between my legs

because my half brother got all the love

but it was never enough

he still dropped outta school and let drugs ruin his life too

but not me

for the most part I’ve always been smart

getting my education to use it as my emancipation from all those I hate.

But there is no debate that most of all

I wanna prove to him that I was too good for him

and that he was the mistake, not me

that I carry beauty within and without

so I don’t need his approval or love

and this is my shove back for the lack of care and attention he gave me.

It all means nothing though,

because I can never bring back every show he missed,

all of the destroyed bliss

and every ungiven kiss.

So I replace my deep resentment with anger and conceit

which is only a mask for my defeat

because if he never love me then what man will,

it would take too much skill to master the art of pleasing such a tormented heart

and I couldn’t even start to list all of the sadness his absence caused

and all those black girls lost without a daddy.

No man to provide an example for how we should be treated

so I had to create one myself,

that was one project I failed

because my love ship still hasn’t sailed

and I’ve been hurt way more times than I’ve been happy.