**Lil Kim voice** Been gone for a minute, now I’m back with the jump off!!


Hello world!

Oh, how I’ve missed you so!

It has been quite the tumultuous past three weeks, while EverythingShaquana.com has been under construction. I was losing my mind, running everywhere looking for help to get things back up and running. By God’s beautiful grace, I found blessings wonderful enough to get EverythingShaquana back in full effect.

Renewing my domain this past weekend, marked more than one year of the existence of EverythingShaquana; the birth of my future. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started a blog back in October of 2013. Let alone, did I anticipate the firestorm I’d face when Spirit led me to purchase the EveythingShaquana domain; my first move in making this writing thing official tissue.

I only knew that I was and am a writer. And I needed to write. Whatever would help me do that, anything that could make that passion and calling come to life, was something I was willing to commit myself to. It led me down a path that money couldn’t even buy. A journey that began with a revelation, a blog, a domain and led to a soul-searching, eye-opening, world-changing move to Los Angeles and a very unexpected, yet life building return to New York.

The three weeks I spent without EverythingShaquana taught me a tremendous amount about why I do what I do. Why I am so committed to a business, movement and career that have yet to garnish any monetary value or fundamental respect from outside sources.

I was able to put all that I’ve done, all that I’ve given and sacrificed, all that I have survived and accomplished, into deep perspective. I realized that all I truly have anymore, and perhaps all I truly want, is this blog, my goals for entrepreneurship and a whole hell of a lot of committed determination to make my vision into a reality.

I reflected on the changes I’ve already seen in the people and world around me since I launched EverythingShaquana back in April, and considered how big the movement has grown already. I thought of the 100+ posts I’ve written since April. The 2,700+ website views I’ve had since the debut of the website.

In addition, to all of the committed followers and fans of the EverythingShaquana.com movement, including but not limited to the 100+ followers on WordPress, 60+ followers on Facebook, the 20+ followers on Twitter and the 50+ followers on Instagram. I felt the significance of the movement’s growth and the vast vacancy left by the absence of this blog.

In such, this very short and impactful hiatus for EverythingShaquana was the necessary platform to the latest stage in my journey; the open door to the other side of my success. All of the visions and goals I’ve had for this website, for this movement, for myself and my budding company, are now ready to be put into effect!