This is one of the only two pieces that I have been able to write since the beginning of November. By the hand of Spirit itself, not only was suspended but my freaking laptop charger conked out. I was devastated.

I was disconnected from my blog and my ability to write for it! It was the greatest trial I’ve faced thus far as a writer. Even more difficult than my current financial plight as a determined artist in a 21st century, capitalist society.

Anyway, it feels sooooo good to be baaaaacccckkkkkkk!! Writing, thinking, planning, building and being! All glory be to my Father in Heaven. I missed you all out there! I missed this feeling of writing for something and perhaps even, someone, bigger and greater than myself. I missed the connection and lineage between me, my words and those who bless me by reading them. I missed it oh so, so, so much.

And so, here I now write, in a beautiful blissful state of gratitude and full understanding. All I am and all I aim to be, is ready. It is all ready to be revealed to the world. Here and now.

For all of my fans, friends and foes, there is a lot of amazing and really exciting things to look forward to with For starters, for the rest of forever, I will dedicating a specific hub on this blog to discussing, critiquing and motivating all things #Ferguson and #EricGarner related! I’ve been holding in way too much emotion and debilitating frustration with my reality as a Black woman in this country.

It’s just sooo overwhelming at times, that I literally struggle to think of it without breaking down in tears. Anyone that follows me on Facebook or Twitter, can testify to my emotional pleas to God, the world and anyone listening for understanding for how such a reality could exist. In any regard, enough is enough, as I’ve been saying for a while now, #ItIsTime!

I have several deep and reflective pieces coming up this week discussing my pain, frustration and goals for a humanistic society, where people like me, who are born alive, with lungs and a nose to inhale oxygen and exhale CO2, are permitted to live without persecution. meme

There will also be some of my old pieces, reflective of Trayvon Martin’s injustice, Oscar Grant’s tragic last breath and the harsh consequences of being a Brown woman, born to love, nurture and inspire Brown men who are predestined to be killed.

I’m definitely going to add the truth of brutalization, criminalization and death also faced by Black women nationwide and internationally. Our voices needs to be heard more than ever now. And our realities, too, desperately need to be told, actualized and revolutionized in the plight to making this a more humanistic world and righteous society. I’m about to bring the fire, so be on watch. You’ve been warned!

You can also expect to see my improved video series’, like the EverythingShaq Poetry Speaks Series featuring, my spoken word pieces and live performances, in addition to the EverythingShaq VoiceBox series that delivers deep, wholesome healing in the form of truth, reflection and discussion.

Expect regular posts from the Let’s Talk About Sex Series, which will help detail, inform and redevelop the way you understand sex, sexuality and all things sexually related. Also, on the health tip, coming up is the Healthy Living/ Healthy Loving series, enlightening your world of understanding about eating, living and breathing healthy.

The series will provide you with revealing tips and demonstrations for proven fitness practices, suggested spiritual exercises like prayer, meditation and yoga and how to maintain a nourished temple with balanced input and output of daily nutrients.

There are too many things to list, so I’ll just get to working on showing you, instead of telling you. Keep your ears to the streets on what’s up and popping with and stay tuned to the what’s coming next. In the words of Drizzy Drake, I’m 24 hours from greatness! #DontBelieveMeJustWatch!