So, it goes without saying that my NY Jets, 4-12 season end, was absolutely heartbreaking! What is there to say, after such a season? I still haven’t even recovered from this season, or faced the reality of it all.

Even right now as I write, it is taking all of my might and will to put words on this page, on a topic I find to be so sensitive; the current atrocious state of the NY Jets. Yet, I feel compelled to share these final words for the 2014 season, as I haven’t had the heart to write about the Jets since, Week 2.

So, what is there to say? I could speak of any of the endless things that plagued our team, starting way before the season even began. But I won’t, because I think I did enough of that with my Season Forecast

I could detail my suggestions for the most decisive off-season strategies, to ensure success for the upcoming season. I could also list my dream team of players, coaches and staff, that I believe will bring us the victorious season, we’ve all waited so long for.

I could even expand my narrow viewpoints, by acknowledging the other amazing NFL teams that had a hell of a year, and made it to the postseason.

“Right now, I am a disgruntled, hurt and embarrassed NY Jets fan, who needs space to heal and lick my wounds.”

Or for that matter, I could top off the year with my all time favorite, sports politics, discussing the highlights of this year’s sports’ political nuances.

Truthfully, there really is so much to say. Yet, I don’t have anything to say.

Right now, I am a disgruntled, hurt and embarrassed NY Jets fan, who needs space to heal and lick my wounds. I need time to recover and reboot for a new year, with what will inevitably be, a new Jets team. I need room to breathe new air of hope, excitement and anticipation. I really, really do.

So, as in-depth and passionate as I started off the season, I only have the energy to end with, bittersweet memories of a beloved and troubled coach and, endless love for a embattled team with a world of potential!

Happy New Year to all my NFL fans out there! Best wishes to the NFL teams and respective fans that are still in the running for that Lombardi trophy!

To my fellow Gang Green Nation, stay strong, stay faithful and stay GREEN! Until next year, peace, love and football!

Gang Green