Boy, 2014!! What do I say about 2014?! There’s so much to say and yet, so much that has already been said and continues to speak for itself.

So, I suppose I’ll start here, with I started a blog at the end of 2013, that I purposed myself to build, fortify and expand during the year of 2014. I am so much more than proud of myself and grateful to my God, for my ability to end 2014 saying, I did just that!

I made the goal of receiving a blog award during my blog’s first year and, God blessed me with a Liebster Award!

I told myself that I was going to do anything and everything to make a household name, and as the year comes to an end, I can say at least 2,000+ people have helped get that trend started. began the year 2014, with a whopping 68 views, 49 visitors, 3 posts, 1 comment and 0 likes! Starting out with such dismal stats, I first debuted my beta launch, with only one goal, which was to not flop. Seriously! My only goal in the beginning, was to stay above water. To float until I could teach myself to swim.

I told myself, “Shaquana, you have to make this work. No matter what. Your motivation has been and has to remain, that there are no plan B’s. This is Plan A, the only plan God Himself ordained for you, so you HAVE to make it work! Nothing else to it!”

“I stayed above water. I floated. And in time, I learned to swim.”

So, I literally followed Spirit all the way to Los Angeles, with my tax refund check and the goal to launch my writing career, through the expansion my blog, I had no idea how, when or where I was going to do this. All I knew was that I was going to be a writer and blogger, and I was going to start in Los Angeles.

And I did. I really really did it. I stayed above water. I floated. And in time, I learned to swim. I started the year as a beginner swimmer and through the will of God and the strength of Spirit, I ended the year, as an expert swimmer.

I self taught myself to become a blogger, freelance writer, web designer, social media marketing expert, a rising entrepreneur and an all around self proclaimed Jack of All Trades Extraordinaire!

I was able to garner 3,000+ views on, 2,000+ visitors, 100+ posts and 200+ likes! And, that was with no fortified plan and a whole lot of passion. Imagine, what I will do with a more level head, a more guided heart and a more solid foundation?!

So, as I consider the year to come, the one and only year of Two Thousand and Fifteen, I can only feel and embrace, excitement!

I have dozens of plans, goals and ambitions for this year. I am swimming in ideas, timelines and deadlines, for all I dream to become and build in this world.

A year ago today, I had no idea how I was going to be a writer or make it to LA. Now, here we are, twelve months later, and I have taken what was but a literal dream, made it into a solid vision and am fully prepared to create that into a tangible reality.

“This year, more than any other in my lifetime, has been the most successful, not because of all I have gained but instead, because of all I have left behind.”

As I reflect on all of what  2014 has offered me, I am indeed overwhelmed with memories, flashbacks and emotions of chaos, confusion, fear, loneliness, hatred, persecution and seemingly endless battles with defeat.

And yet, all I can take away from 2014 is the most amazing love I’ve ever known, within and without, the most graceful essence of beauty I could ever imagine and the most peaceful embrace of joy, God ever promised.

This year, more than any other in my lifetime, has been the most successful, not because of all I have gained but instead, because of all I have left behind. Boy! I left so much stuff behind in 2014, I started feeling like a garbage man, trained to recognize, identify and dispose of all trash, without second thought.

It wasn’t easy, either! Especially for a person like myself, who grew up comforting my abandonment complexes, by collecting memories and materials I could ensure would never leave me, no matter how many people did.

The latter end of the year made me feel more empty, than I could ever imagine. And yet, today, on the start of a brand new year, that feeling of emptiness has transformed into a feeling of weightless ambitions.

I’m still looking in the mirror trying to recognize the woman that stands before me, as I am lighter, brighter and tighter than ever, in every way possible!

In all, I say goodbye and farewell to the year that made Shaquana, well, SHAQUANA! I am certified! Solidified! Amplified! And ready for take off!

I have said this many times last year and I’ll say it again, for the first time this year; I love everyone, from those that I know, to those that I have yet to meet, with all of my heart. I love you all as if you were my own mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents, because truly, through God our Father, we all are one family!

To everyone that hated on me last year, persecuted my name, fame or body, or tried to deny me love, life or liberty, I thank you! Thank you for everything you tried to steal from me and for all you hoped to deny me. It made me stronger, wiser and kinder. Each battle I conquered with wickedness, decadence and debauchery, in my war against evil, helped sharpen and shine my armor, more and more!

To all of those beautiful people that followed my story and journey, supported me in prayer, blessed words or kind thoughts and blessed me with help, support and encouragement, to you I owe the world! I pray that I have been able to pass some blessings to you all already and I pray even harder that, in the year to come, I may be able to bless you all, ten fold.

Thank you for your dedication to me, my vision and my passion!

2015 here I come!