I truthfully can’t explain to you, what this poem is about. The best way to put it is, it’s one of those, you either get it or you don’t.

Nonetheless, it is #FlashbackFriday and what better way to honor it, than with #FlashbackPoetry?! So, join me, in going back to a time when I was “numb”!



Lies fill and tears chill

My body

Till a point I can no longer

Feel anything



I’m numb

Numb to the world

Numb to people

Numb to bullshit

Numb to sadness

And numb to disappointment

I’m so numb

I feel no cold winds of jealousy

Or floods of pressure

No heat from haters

No sweat from society to be someone else other than


I’m so numb



I guess I need to wake up now

You can’t fall asleep on life

You can’t pause it whenever it

Gets to be too much

You can’t be numb

But damn yo,

What’s the point in smoking??