Okay, so first, the NAACP bombing last week, and now this… Again, am I the only one just hearing about the Boko Haram Massacre that occurred last week, in Nigeria?

And for that matter, where is the media coverage on this?! On social media, online, print and TRF media outlets?

I mean, seriously, where is #BlackLivesMatter #MillionsMarch and whoever else that is crying out against violence against Black people and/ or people in general? Does no one else see the linkages here? Where are all of those Facebook statuses and tweets for the terrorist violence against Black lives going on right now?

This past week, there was the biggest demonstration in French history, in honor of the lives lost in the recent tragic massacre and support for freedom of the press. Where was the support or demonstration for the 2,000+ ppl reportedly dead and 30,000+ displaced in Nigeria right now?

And bro, that’s only the beginning because this has been going on for more than half a decade in Nigeria and no one says anything about it! Let’s not forget how quickly we all forgot about #BringBackOurGirls!!

I know people better start representing correct or I will expose folks! Blacks lives matter everywhere and all of the time! I refuse to watch people make a joke or publicity stunt out of a real movement!!

If you don’t know better, go find out! In this day and age, where access to technology and information is so high, and transparent in more places throughout the world than ever, there is absolutely no excuse for ignorance and apathy! And making money and getting fame off the lives we, as people, lose everyday, is not cool!

Wearing “activist” hoodies for Instagram hearts, writing “social conscious” statuses for Facebook likes and tweeting “political” articles for follows is CORNY and straight up disrespectful!!

No one is perfect, and yet, we’re all accountable for ourselves, through flaws and all! With that being said, people better start coming correct!!

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