In wake of my very frustrated afternoon yesterday, where I was bombarded with the reality that everything in this sad world, might actually be about money, I woke up this morning to even more shenanigans!

In my inbox, among several titles, were articles titled “Thousands of Black Lives Mattered in Nigeria, but the World Didn’t Pay Attention” and The Massive Terrorist Attacks Hardly Anyone Is Talking About“. I won’t even fool you here, my blood was boiling way before I even read those B.S. articles. And here’s why…

I am having grave trouble with understanding the irony of the news and media, actually condemning the news and media for lack of media coverage! I don’t get it!

How is a media source going to critique the lack of coverage media gets, if that media source doesn’t actually cover the media it’s complaining isn’t getting covered?! Irony at its best, I’d say!

The article title, “The Massive Terrorist Attacks Hardly Anyone Is Talking About“, had me going as soon as I saw it! Let’s question here, when the media says “Hardly Anyone”, who are they referring to? Who would be the “anyone” that would or should be talking about this massive terrorist attack?

Is there any way, perhaps, that the “anyone” could be the same people who wrote this damn article?! I mean, seriously, if the news is NOT covering the news, then no one will talk about the news! Is that not a basic concept?!

Then there is the article titled, “Thousands of Black Lives Mattered in Nigeria, but the World Didn’t Pay Attention“, which begs the question of why the world wouldn’t pay attention to the lives lost in Nigeria, last week. As I read the article, it went on to add valid points about the disregard for Black lives throughout the world and how this massacre’s lack of coverage, exemplified that.

The unfortunate circumstance, among such great points, is that these points are being made via a media source that exemplified that same lack of regard for Black lives! What is even more unfortunate, is that, that media source, i.e., serves directly to change the plight of lacking media coverage for Black lives!

The title, in and of itself, asserts that attention needs to be paid to Black people lives, including those in Nigeria. Well, my question becomes, how do we get that attention? And my first answer, off the top of my head, is via media sources like this one.

“You have a responsibility to tell the truth of what matters in this world and present that truth as news.”

With that, I’ll add that, in order to gain attention for these matters, people must be forced to pay attention. 

No one wanted to pay attention to the Civil Rights Movement or Vietnam War in 1963! Who wants to eat dinner, while watching little girls be blown up in Birmingham and ravaged women be raped in Mai Lai?! Here’s a clue, NO ONE!

That’s why the beauty of the 1960’s improved invention of the television, was so amazing, because it made you watch, even when you didn’t want to watch. The television made you watch, even though, it wasn’t comfortable to watch! Because the truth is rarely comfortable. 

In the 21st century, we have this amazing improved invention too, called the INTERNET! It’s really spectacular because it can get information anywhere, to anyone, at anytime, without anyone else’s permission. So, unlike the television, we don’t need government approval for what we share on the internet, and as such, can share things that even the government doesn’t want shared. 

So, if you want the world to pay attention, you can do that. The first step is, though, that you must give the world something to pay attention to. If you are a writer, you must write. If you are a speaker, you must speak. If you are a doer, you must do! 

You don’t get the authority and permission to be a large force of power, as these growing blogs, newspapers and news sites are becoming, without the responsibility that comes with it. You have a responsibility to tell the truth of what matters in this world and present that truth as news. That is a responsibility. A duty. And an honor. 

And no, pop culture highlights are not the truth of what matters in this world. I don’t want to hear about no damn Golden Globes or Oprah’s new play and Common’s watered down acceptance speech!! I want to hear about the children and elders who couldn’t get away in time, before being slaughtered in the streets of Nigeria.

Write about what’s happening, even when no seems to be looking, because when and if they do finally pay attention, even if you’re not here to see it, your words will remain!

Here’s a tip for you media folks out there, particularly those with the most agency and power to impact social thought, the key to getting the world to pay attention, is to make the world pay attention. That only works, if you’re actually doing something to get attention.

**Hint Hint** One or two articles ain’t gonna cut it, bruh!