As mentioned before, there is so much more to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, than eating healthy. Although, healthy eating is a significant tool in the daily upkeep of a healthy lifestyle, it isn’t the only tool, or even the most important tool.

I previously listed six primary tools that are needed, in the process of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I deconstructed those six tools into an analogy of pie slices, in which each slice of the pie represents a tool, and the entire pie represents a fully healthy lifestyle.

The first slice of the healthy lifestyle pie that I would like to divulge, is the one I consider to be the most important, and that is the “healthy mental”. The significance in having a healthy mental arena is paramount to any other healthy objective one might have.

If you seek to create a healthy weight, a healthy spirit, or a healthy environment, the only way you can fortify that creation is by having a healthy mental arena. If your mind, thoughts and visions are not healthy, in one way or another, the rest of your being will reflect that.

How can you develop a nutritious and satisfying diet, if your mind isn’t even focused on eating healthy or if you can’t even comprehend the purpose of a healthy diet in the first place? If you are too worried about whether you will live to see the next day or if you will have a place to lay my head tonight, then you would find a hard time making room for thoughts about dieting.

How well can you live in a healthy community that produces healthy people, if all you dream about is unhealthy habits and people? As an unhealthy person, you would surely feel uncomfortable and out-of-place around relatively healthy people.

If your mind is boggled with stress, confusion, disappointment, anger or any other emotional obstacle, you would face tremendous difficulty in manifesting any healthy thoughts you might have. If you don’t even have healthy thoughts, whatsoever, there is no way you could have healthy actions, or an inherent, healthy lifestyle. 

Keeping all of that in mind, below are some key points and definitions that I’ve compiled, for developing a path toward creating a healthy mental arena for yourself. 

barriers our minds create

  • Healthy Mental: The existence and maintenance of a healthy, inquisitive, strong and centered mental state. Evidence of a healthy mental state is foremost represented by the following three tenants..
    • Mindstate: The present state, or condition your mental capacity is in. Quick questions to consider are what do you believe or think? Why do you think the way you think? How did you come to think or believe the things in which you think or believe?
      • Also consider: How conscious are you about your own life and behaviors? What attention do you pay, if any, to the conditions that foster your mind’s thoughts, beliefs, understandings and knowledgeable facts? Where does your awareness of self and reality come from (i.e. your feelings, your family or friend’s opinions or nowhere)?
    • Thoughts: The directive nature of any and all thoughts that cross your mind. A quick question to consider is what kind of thoughts do you have (i.e. positive vs. negative, deep vs. shallow, solution based vs. problem based)?
      • Consider: Where do your thoughts derive from (i.e. your own feelings/ emotions, other’s feelings or emotions or no feelings or emotions)? How often and when do you think (i.e. often, sometimes rarely)? When do you think (i.e. in retrospective hindsight, cautiously before hand, or apathetically not at all)?
    • Goals & Ambitions: The purpose and fortification of self, defined from within oneself. Quick questions to consider are so I have any goals or ambitions? What are my goals or ambitions, if any? Why are my ambitions or goals, the ones I chose, as opposed to anything else I could aspire to achieve or attain? 
      • Consider: How much do I want and expect to obtain my goals and what will I do attain them? How can the ambitions I have set forth for myself right now, certify my ability to achieve the goals I have for the future? What markers have I designed, to demonstrate when I have achieved my goals?