Welcome to my first edition of #HealthyLivingThursdays, featuring a healing poem. A defining necessity in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, is to be emotionally, psychologically and spiritually healthy. 

A key aspect of mental and emotional health, is the healing process. For me, one of the most powerful tools I have to use as a force in my healing process, is writing.

Most of my poems, came from a place grounded in the need or desire for healing. As I continue to heal and cultivate new ways to stay healthy, so as to deter the need for healing in the first place, I will continue to ‘write myself out of all of the wrong circles.’

As I do so, I will share with you, and pray we may grow together. I can’t wait! This is going to be an amazing adventure, we explore together.

Emotional Rollercoaster

Today’s healing poem, Emotional Rollercoaster, was previously published in April and written last Winter, in an in between period in my life. As I was preparing to transition into the spiritual being God ordained me to be, I was working diligently to make sense of where I had been, to brace where I was going.

I was on the brink of walking away from an extremely unhealthy relationship, with my one and true soul mate, and felt the most incredible sense of being lost and found at the same time. This is pre- California, post- being fired and arrested.

My life was all the way in shambles. And yet, those cracked and crumbled pieces built the solid foundation of my now, stronger than ever soul.

I wish you all, all the best of love, peace and healing, in your own journey to get off that emotional rollercoaster you’ve been riding. 

Emotional Rollercoaster

Turmoil of the internal segmented instrument

Unrest of the intoxicated cerebellum

Distress in the debilitated mental state

Devastation diseased rampantly throughout the cancerous blood stream

Dismay dusted throughout the disarray of the human spirit

Unworthiness encamped into the cracks of the tortured soul

Broken dignity and pride soluble in the tears of the silenced

Terminated love wrapped in distorted goodbyes

Loose, decayed fragments of a once tight, fresh love phenomenon

Suffocated voices of care and desire choked by distrust and lies

Subconscious intentional reliance on pain and despair

Tumultuous emotional fluctuation respondent to the decimated meters of expectations

Incapacitating hope and faith gouged out by the ferocious hunger of regret

Emotional Rollercoaster

Speeding past the beauty of joy and happiness

All cars filled by the oh so bad

No room for the oh so good,

Too packed from hate, negativity, and ill intent

Emotional Rollercoaster

Can’t get off unless you jump off

You’ll fall flat on your face

Or if you’re lucky on your behind

It’ll probably hurt

A little

Or maybe a whole lot

But you can’t get off unless you jump off



Jump off!

I did!