Ancestral Libations are a significant part of the spiritual tradition of paying homage and deep respect to the existence of living and passed on spirits.

In many spiritually guided rituals and religions, ancestral libations are enacted in a variety of forms. No matter what the source of the ritual, libations are almost always done by pouring liquid, usually water, onto the floor, ground or dirt, as a form of gratitude for our ancestors.

Whether the ancestors being honored, are passed on spirits, or living spirits, the vessel used to pour the liquid out, calls out the name of the chosen ancestral spirits.

Libations can also be used for sacrificial offering, to a powerful spirit, in effort to show respect and honor for that chosen spirit. For instance, if one were trying to please the spirit that brings peace, they might pour libation for the Spirit of Peace, calling out their name and some sort of prayer, that follows.

I believe, the most powerful way for our world and society to be transformed into something more fruitful for humanity and all life, is for us as people, to reconnect with our spiritual roots. One of the most impactful ways of seeking out, and connecting with Spirit, is through calling on ancestor spirits.

Offering ancestral libations, by calling out our ancestor’s name, while pouring liquid to honor their spirit, can help bring forward the energy, positive power and divine love needed to change our world. Spirit, everywhere and through everything, is calling out to all of humanity, to be manifested in all of what we do today, as the center of our existence. 

Spirit aches to be the fuel to our morning motivation, the apple of our midday recharge and the staple of our evening recline. From the moment we open our eyes, to begin our day, to the seconds that occupy our brain, while we sleep, Spirit seeks to implant our purpose in all we do, think and understand. 

As we call out to the ancestors together, here online, libations will be poured out in the form of words on a screen, as opposed to liquid on the ground. In the same way, we pour the libation on the ground to connect Spirit to the ground we walk on and eat from, by pouring libation in words, we’re connecting Spirit to the technology that we work and live with.

I will call on ancestors that include, but are not limited to the most divine spiritual, social, political, philosophical and humanistic of spirits in our lifetime. I aim to seek out these divine spirits for their mercy, blessings and peace.

More particularly, I look forward to reintroducing Spirit into the world of materialism, in effort to attain its blessings for us to use our new age tools, to propel millennial- old, universal truths.