In part with the renovations going on at, I officially present to you #OutspokenSundays, where I speak what’s on my mind, as is, no filters, no apologies, no second guesses.

There is much honor to be understood in the will of a person who can speak what is on their mind. As there is also, so much more honor in the person who governs their tongue, as opposed to letting their tongue govern them.

The art of knowing when and where to speak, or the lack thereof, is as important, if not more important, than the actual art of speaking itself. Outspoken Sundays is about cultivating such an art of power; the art of speaking. As I grow to speak my truth into existence more and more, I will display that spoken word for #OutspokenSunday. 

In due time, God willing, there will be new voices and people speaking into the power of #OutspokenSundays. For now, #OutspokenSundays will most prominently feature my voice, as I am seeking higher ground in understanding, enlightenment and peace through the means of speaking. 

For right now, there is no monthly agenda for #OutspokenSundays, as I am deeply interested in seeing what route this topic takes. So, stay tuned for what’s still up and coming with #OutspokenSundays.