I considered that perhaps the best way to initiate #WomenCrushWednesdays would be by providing some insight on the word “women.” What better way to consider the word “women”, than by identifying some of the worse lies “they’ve” told about women.

There can not be enough value placed on the significance of the personal lies we tell ourselves and where they originate from. The lies about women that people tell themselves and the world play a paramount role in the construction of our identities as “women.”

The recent Verizon commercial, “Inspire Her Mind”, speaks powerfully to the necessity for reconstructing the ideas, words and ideologies we apply to the definition of a “woman.” 

When I use “they”, it refers to anyone who has ever reinforced, perpetuated and/ or acted as an apologists for the ignorance about women. In such, “they” can be men, women, gender non- conforming, Cisgender, Transgender, human and/ or anyone else who perpetuates the ignorance of the gender binary. 

It is amazing to me, how long women have shared the earth with men, and yet how new and so misunderstood I often feel as a woman. As I work to navigate myself through society and life, being a woman often makes me feel like an immigrant or foreign stranger discovering a new land.

I have come to the solid conclusion that if we, who identify with and project the representation of the word, concept, social construct and ideological philosophy called “women”, began using our voices more, we’ll revolutionize what it means. The definition of what it means to be a “woman”, must be classified, verified and certified only by those who identify as a “woman.”

So, here is my list of ’25 Lies “They” Told About Women’. I encourage you to add-on/ subtract your own knowledge of ‘Lies “They” Told About Women’ and show it off in the comments section.

In solidarity with all of my beautiful woman out there, Happy #WomenCrushWednesday!! Until next time, much love, peace and grace be upon you all, always!

women symbol

 25 Lies “They” Told About Women

  1. All women are feminine, sensitive and born to be a “lady”
  2. Women are defined by the gender binary that categorizes them and not their own identity
  3. All women are mentally and emotionally handicapped wrecks
  4. When women say no, women really mean yes
  5. Women aren’t capable of ejaculation
  6. The only diagnosis for a woman with pelvic pain is pregnancy, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis or mental issues
  7. Only people born with vulvas can identify as women
  8. Women’s bodies are their most valuable asset
  9. All women want, need or are defined by the ability to have children
  10. Women are defined by, need or are only attracted to men
  11. Women need their mind made up for them, because they’re too emotional and indecisive
  12. Women are weaker, less intelligent and/ or more complicated than men
  13. Women can only be defined by their comparison to a man
  14. Women are too bossy, angry and/ or disgruntled
  15. Women are not supposed to commit bodily functions like belching, farting or ‘pooing’
  16. All women need add ons like makeup, fake hair and/ or plastic surgery
  17. Women can only be attractive if they have add ons like makeup, fake hair and/ or plastic surgery
  18. Women who don’t need add ons like makeup, fake hair and/ or plastic surgery have less value for their appearance or esteem
  19. A woman’s self esteem is defined by others, not herself.
  20. Women are designed to be the support system of men and/ or all people around them
  21. Women are meant to love, not be loved
  22. Women are so hard to understand, they aren’t even worth being understood (even by their own selves)
  23. Women are naturally wired to care for, attend to and sacrifice for other people
  24. All women define themselves by their appearance and/ or material gain
  25. Getting old is a woman’s worst nightmare and kryptonite