Once upon a time, some 7 months ago, I introduced the “Let’s Talk About Sex” series. In my introduction, I made a now long overdue promise to talk about female ejaculation and what correlation, if any, that it may have with ‘squirting.’

In such, now that I am finally making good on all of my promises and commitments for EverythingShaquana, I am presenting the official inauguration of Healthy Living Thursday. Every 1st Thursday will feature the “Let’s Talk About Sex” series, and we’re starting this 1st Thursday off with the long overdue discussion of female ejaculation and ‘squirting.’

The amazing thing about Spirit, life, fate or whatever you may call it, is that it has the best of timing. As impatient of a species we humans are, we often find great pleasure and success when we do find it within ourselves to bask in the virtues of patience. In such, as I currently write about female ejaculation and ‘squirting’, there is more information circulating around about it than ever.

 “Women are characterized and socially stigmatized to be too complex and indecisive of beings and species to be understood.”

From articles detailing the anatomical and sexual reproductive facts about female ejaculation, to those discussing the different types of female ejaculation, there is an abundance of informative sources about the topic now. It has become such a popular topic these days, you can even find world news about the national banning of female ejaculation.

So, the question I now began to ask, being my naturally critically inquisitive self, is why now? Why this? Female ejaculation has been a relatively hot topic since the day and age of Aristotle and still, it has yet to be fully understood, classified or even actualized. Just like just about anything else when it comes to the topic of women, female ejaculation is still this huge under discussed topic of mystification and confusion.

As I previously written, the social construct known as “women” is perpetuated as a confounding mess of inconsistencies and inaccuracies so strong, even women don’t want to figure them out. Women are characterized and socially stigmatized to be too complex and indecisive of beings and species to be understood. It has yet to be fortified, the extent of how powerful of an impact such a social lie could be on women’s personal lies.

Why and how can a nation ban a sexual bodily function?”

Women everywhere throughout the world, representing every single social, economic, racial, ethnic, national, sociological and psychological background possible, still don’t know a damn thing about what it means to be a women. Many of us don’t know our anuses from our vulvas from our vaginas. We are scared to look at our vaginas in person. We are afraid of touching ourselves, too disgusted with the concept of a vagina, to even embrace having one.

We are socialized to hate our bodies, ourselves and anything that represents us. We are born to be dismissed, despised and degraded. And it is so powerful of an epidemic, that after the thousands of years of being pounded in the head, heart and soul with this toxic remedy of self-love, WE WOMEN BELIEVE IT!!

That’s where we get into male privilege. I won’t go too deep into the correlation between male privilege and every wicked deed done against women, as I’ve done that before. This discussion is more about the questions of why now? Why this? Why and how can a nation ban a sexual bodily function? Why does that function happen to be committed by those people who own vaginas?

Female ejaculation has become for people with vaginas, yet again, another maze of discovery to navigate through.”

The most popular discussion surrounding female ejaculation is about whether in fact, there is such thing as a female ejaculation. `Also known as squirting (though the two are not necessarily synonymous, as female ejaculation is to squirting, what semen is to sperm), female ejaculation is now even being studied and discussed by scientist, who apparently believe it isn’t real.

There is this entirely huge debate about whether or not female ejaculation a.k.a. squirting, is even ejaculation at all, as opposed to a person peeing. There are studies seeking to discover what the contents of the ejaculant are, which duct or canal the ejaculant comes from, whether the urethra or something else. And even studies being done to classify different types of female ejaculation.

Female ejaculation has become for people with vaginas, yet again, another maze of discovery to navigate through. A reinforcement of our complicated nature, exemplified quite simply and profoundly in a multi-century old international debate about a woman’s sexual anatomical structure.  

This of course is because of the should be known fact that the necessity of validation of anything defining or subsequent to the existence of women, must first and foremost come from men. The most credible source for the existence of male ejaculations, is of course a person with a penis. And yet, the most credible source for the existence of female ejaculation is a scientist?!

What?! Que?! Shénme?! In hopes that I don’t need to break down what’s wrong with the picture I just painted, I will simply leave you all with the first two questions I asked: why this? Why now? Ask yourselves.

women symbol

**Author’s Notes**

** My use of the term “female” is to specifically uphold the accuracy of popular, common and socially understood anatomical terms.

** My use of the word “woman” and “women” is strictly as a categorical social construct of identity, and not a socially or biologically assigned gender or identity. In such, any mention of the word “woman” or “women is meant and encouraged to be interpreted as inclusive of whoever willfully and consciously identifies with that social category.

** Last but surely not least, I found it absolutely necessary to add this addendum to this article as not only, a solid symbol of solidarity with all people who identify themselves inside and/ or outside of the binary social norm, but also as a statement.

It is necessary to acknowledge and own the words one uses, not in recognition of political correctness, but more importantly in recognition of respect. Similar to the fact that, most would not use filthy or vile language in front of those they respect (i.e. parents, elders, employers or mentors), out of respect for both that person and themselves.

Such a readjustment in one’s normal or more lax behavior of repertoire, is not in honor of political correctness. It is done out of respect. There is no debate that words can hurt and even, dishonor a person’s name, dignity or respect. So, when you’re changing your use of words to acknowledge the existence of people and communities that have existed as long as everybody else, you’re doing it out of respect. Just remember that.