This past Saturday marked the end of January 2015, the first month of the New Year with EverythingShaquana. It also marked the end of the best month ever at, in terms of just about everything!

January 2015 was the month with the highest views of, ending with over 780 views! January 2015 had the day grossing the most views ever, with a high of 53 views! January 2015 also featured the best week ever at EverythingShaquana, with 221 views!

EverythingShaquana January Stats

We graciously ended with the second highest amount of post likes, at 68 likes! And moving into February, I am anticipating with great excitement, the 4,000th view of! To think, in just 6 weeks, this blog has received over 1,000 views! That’s amazing to me! Truly wonderful and profoundly humbling.


For those few and proud, who have reached the platform of thousands, if not millions of views a day on their websites, this achievement may seem jarring. We often forget the humble means in which we grow from. Which is why, I work so hard to remember. So hard to soak it all in. To embrace more.


I refrain from standing too long in shock of how fast time has passed since my coffee shop days on San Vicente Blvd. in LA, where I fought diligently for and dutifully celebrated my accomplishment of 800 views. So, in this moment where 1,000 views in 6 weeks is still groundbreaking territory for my site, and I am still vehemently working to change that into 100,000 views, I am just grateful.

800 Views ScreenShot

Grateful that I am blessed to be able to do this. Blessed to be able to build this. Blessed to be able to believe enough to achieve. I am grateful for the blessing of humility, modesty and righteousness and my ability to use writing to propel those blessings to others. 

As many of you already know, I love to commemorate achievements with reminders of the path that brought us to where we are now. In such, I would love to bring you all back to the foundation of what was built on.

As I head into high gear of refocusing the growing abundance of conversations and ideas at EverythingShaquana, I’d like to re-present the original and most fundamental focus of this blog and website. Where It All Began meme

For those of you who may have forgotten, or never even knew of the mission of, here is a reminder of the ground in which this entire vision was founded.

“ aims to spread positivity, unity, respect, and love by enlightening and  promoting conversation about overlooked and underdiscussed daily events, in hopes of inciting spiritual and social transcension worldwide.”

On the EverythingShaquana Welcome page, I introduced the world to my most heartfelt commitments to dispelling the evil of the world, through the enlightenment and uplifting of truth, righteousness and love. As I now I read and reread that opening message, written nine months ago, it all feels so surreal.

“Thus, I offer you, a conundrum of experiences, thoughts and universal truths, reflective of the life and times of a self-proclaimed ‘Modern Age 20 Something Visionary‘. EverythingShaquana offers a unique conduit into a space of soul piercing conversation and mind-blowing conceptualization on every elephant in all the rooms of everyday life.”

I remember when I first started my blog, while still in New York, I had the hardest time putting this huge vision into a sentence or less. Every time I attempted to describe what it was supposed to be about to other people, I found myself talking for way too long, often producing the blank “Istoppedlisteningfivewordsin” stare. So, being typical me, I stopped telling people about the blog.

Until of course, I moved to California to expand my blog and writing career. Every time I met someone, they uniformly asked where I was from and why I moved ‘all the way’ to Los Angeles from New York, as if it were a trained question. It didn’t take me long to realize I was going to need to find a better way of articulating my vision to people, as it now not only represented my blog, by also my sanity.


If I moved all the way across the country to build a blog, that I was committed to expanding around the world, but had no idea how to explain it to people in verbal words, what the hell was I doing with my life? Perhaps, that was my first sign, haha. In any regard, one person at a time, I worked out my own understanding of my vision. 

Each new questions and piqued personal interest I met, served as a new opportunity for me to deconstruct the immensity of my vision from my head, into the world of reality. That, I learned, is a significant key to living life as a visionary. One must hone their ability to relate and relay the images of their vision, into a perspective readable to the world outside of one’s own mind.

I slowly but surely, constructed a realistic idea and understanding of what was going to be. I formed my vision into images, then words, then ideas and concepts and then… then I realized the hardest part was yet to come.

It dawned on me one day, following yet another interested person asking about my blog, that people might actually be visiting my blog, as we speak. I hadn’t previously considered whether people would look at my blog right now. I somehow convinced myself that people were going to wait to look at it, until I built it up into what I envisioned it to be.

Success Is Not Easy Meme

To think of it, I hadn’t even been on my site since I was back in New York, and only briefly then. I hadn’t even written a post since November, while we were now in March. Here I was, a growing blogger and aspiring writer, who moved 3,000 miles away to do this so-called “blogging” and “writing” thing, and I hadn’t even thought to visit my site in months!

The lack of support and straight up rejection I received from people I knew back home (so called “family” and “friends”), had vicariously compelled me to reject my own self and writing. Yet, my spirit and soul forced me to fly 3,000 miles to resurrect that rejected girl from NYC. 

So, I hopped on WordPress, only to find that people were in fact visiting my blog; much to my dismay. I felt like an idiot! Seriously, haha! It’s only funny enough to laugh at now, looking back. I somehow thought I had way more time to make it pretty and exclusive, like “they” say you should do to make your blog more appealing.

I thought that people not liking my posts, following my blog, or showing support via social media, meant that they weren’t watching. Another valuable lesson. There is a world full of lurkers out there. People seeking to get all the scoop on you and everything about you, but who have no intention of ever telling you, supporting you, or sometimes, even liking you.

In any regard, I realized immediately that I did have an audience; one that I told myself wasn’t there. People, though few, were already watching and I hadn’t done anything yet. So, imagine, I thought, what could happen if I started doing something. I mean either way, I had to start. People were watching. They were waiting. I had to deliver.

From there, the fetus of as you know it, was conceived.